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  1. Cromwell

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    Hi Wake,

    I am sorry you are so down. No wonder!!! I wish I lived near you so I could come over and help you. I cannot believe the way the docs just seeem to leave you like that, it does not seem fair.

    I am not typing much these days as I am seeing a fair bit of sniping going on here and there, and only want to be here to be loving, supporting, kind and share knowledge and a few laughs. Then the problem is, I worry all the time that people will take something the wrong way, you know how it goes.

    It got to be 90 here yesterday and today. We put on a BBQ for Danny Jnr's birthday-what a riot, four bi-polar people, three Aspergers kids and an Alzeimers and guess what? It all went beautifully, everyone loved the day as no one was worried about being different-oh I forgot five people with FM/CFS and /or RA...Lupus. Most usually can only stay for short time but because it was all so accepting, everyone stayed four hours.

    I feel so helpless to offer you help, but you know how I care about you and yours.

    Sorry for separate post, but I was having a problem finding the original post you did.
    Love always,

    Anne C
  2. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Oh I pray you will get a really decent nice caregiver.

    Yes, it is amazing what I have been able to do. My neck is hurting again though, never stopped completely and the darn dizziness, but really I felt I just had to get up and at em and Dan will not get started unless I do.

    I don't recall much of the party it was a whirl for me, but I kept afloat is the main thing and the kids were so happy.

    It is not that I am staying away, but just not doing posts except to friends, as I cannot exert the energy to have it not be allowed, so I will play it safe.

    It is 90 again here too. Not bad in the house, as we have isolated the fan on the furnace so we can blow the basement cool air up to main floor.

    Let us know who you get. Feel better and also your dear son with his teeth.

    Love Anne C

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