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    Oh Wakemeup where art thou!!!? Have not seen you here in a week so I am worried about you.

    Love Anne Cromwell
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    Thanks. I always worry when she is not posting her great posts. Anne
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    Another chat. I am so sorry you are gong through all of this, it is not right.

    I am doing OK I followed the advice here re the cider apple vinegar and it cleared it up right off.

    I am doing OK. I have been having these strange 10 hour serious pain flares that go away then come back three days later. Oh well....par for the course.

    This whole world situation right now is alarming but I will not go into it on here.

    Been busy settoing up and attending meetings re Danny jnr for his next year school. He is loving his summer school. You see those 100 kids all with the whole school to themselves and having a ball, and not scared and you can see that the kids themselves are far happier in this sort of protected environment instead of being made to go into mainstream for inclusion. I am not saying all kids,, but I have found physiclaly disabled do far better in so claled inclusion classrooms, kids like ours it is just a nightmare for them. If I ever win the lottery I will set up a free private school. I tell you, if inclusion is all it is cracked up to be, how come all the rich people send their disabled kids to special schools???

    Anyway, I just hate to hear of your pains and such. I wish you could get into a resconstruction place for a couple of weeks whilst they rest you up and sort you out. I am sorry re that caretaker too, what a bummer I thought you had gotten a new one??

    Well I am going to go and read-reading my son's new library book, The Homecoming, all about Dicey and her family-the four kids trying to find a relative to take them in. Danny is a great reader.

    Love Anne Cromwell - lots of heavy rain and more flooding in our area today, yet it is cooler at last.