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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Cromwell, Sep 2, 2006.

  1. Cromwell

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    Hi Wake. I have been so caught up this week with all the accident etc that I have to get back to you now.

    Are you doing any better this week? How is your son?

    My brother is a little iffy yesterday due to them pulling the morphine drip I think and putting him on oral painkillers. He was halucinating somewhat.

    My SIL does not want us to go up as yet as she has both her daughters with her now. She wants us to go up later and help out some then as we would just be more people around.

    My brother knows we call daily, though he cannot be on the phone yet, as soon as he is able we will be calling him. He is just too exhausted, shocked and in too much pain to think for more than five minutes right now. What a moments carelessness can cause. We now know that the red light runner also failed to brake and thus my brothers car was pushed into another car of a 21 year old student on his way back to college. He is OK thank God. The driver who ran the light sustained no injuries at all. Had my SIL been in the passenger seat she would have died for sure as she is tiny like you.

    I have been greatly cheered here by responses and also people like mrdad, honora and rockgor who are so funny and get my mind off things.

    Hope you are doing better. I relally cannot think how hard it is for you to be bedbound this way.

    Love Anne
  2. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    just wanted to let you know anne that i hope this tradegic accident has some positive out of it...

    i am glad your brother has you for a sister..

    wakemeup: i am sorry about your son's college how disappointing for him...

    here i am trying to figure out what metaphors are in this reading assignment..that i am stressing myself out trying to figure out if i am right or not...this is so old but new to me...i had freshman college level english composisition in high school at my local college..aced...it and now i feel so incompetant and unsure of myself...

    this fibro stuff has messed my psyhgy up....if you know what i mean...

    so here i am considering if i should drop the class and take it next sememester to take some pressure off from me...or hang in there and get a tutor to build my self confidence back up...

    you have your poor son w/o the classes he wanted...almost makes me feel ashamed of myself...i have been told there is always someone always in a worse posisiton than you, when you think times are rough..

    well giving you both big hugs

  3. Cromwell

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    Oh, gosh why is life so hard for our kids?

    Danny went for a two hour orientation on Friday and within minutes some smart kid belted him in the back while pretending to be doing an arm round the shoulder buddy deal. Will I ever look for that kid on Wednesday when it is first day for the 6th graders and newbies.

    Just wrote a letter about parents talking to kids about inclusiveness and kindness re special needs kids to our local paper. I think the woman opposite us thinks her kids will "catch" something from Danny as she sure goes out of her way to keep them apart. Her kids have not played out all summer.

    Out of the blue last week she waltzes over and "suggests" Danny should be going to a different school next week (the one he will be going to is a 5 minute stroll away)and why doesn't she try and pull some strings for me. Yeh lady, she was just trying to make sure her kid did not have to walk in the same direction. Were the shoe on the other foot I would be at her door suggesting they could walk together.

    Shame on some.

    Re metaphors and going back to school. Yes, it is very hard as the way English and math especially are done these days is quite different. I always failed to see the point of having to know all that stuff anyway as a) someone invented it in the first place and b) who the heck ever uses this outside of game shows and teacing it.

    It would make more sense to me to have college degrees in really useful stuff that could universally uplift humankind. I would LOVE to see a core curriculum subject in basic medicine and nursing for example then in emergencies everyone would know how. Bit more useful than knowing what green with envy means!

    Wake did you read the post on bedding? Interesting.

    I am still racking my brains for a name for the dd.

    Love Anne

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