OT/ We are getting many bites from something don't no what

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  1. Dee50

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    We are getting groups of bites all over our bodies. It is not fleas. My cat is the only one not itching. The bites are in groups on our legs, ankles, upper arms, chest. I see no bed bugs.

    Any help is welcome
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    The chiggers hit ya and you don't realize that they bit ya until a few hours later. My ex-boyfriend didn't believe me the first time he was bitten, had over 40 bites on his legs and arms. Had him covered in anti-itch stuff.

    The second time I went out with him to the same place he had gone the first time, and covered my legs in anti-bug stuff... and I walked away without a bite... he was covered once again, and this time it was worse... he was developing an allergy to the chiggers in my opinion. They are tiny and you don't see them... just the harsh bites they leave... They can be found in grass of any sort, especially high grass and wet grass.

    The psuedo-lady bug story... didn't believe it myself until one landed on my arm. I played with it until it went CHOMP CHOMP... then five landed on my arm at once, and they CHOMPED CHOMPED... had a rash for days. They appear especially in the fall in Illinois.
  3. Dee50

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    Thanks everyone for the help. I'm even worse this morning.
    This is happening in our home not from outside.
    I do see small long dark dirt looking things in my boxers feet inbetween the webbing and on the under side of her pads. I see no fleas or bugs though or flea dirt stuff. Boy the bites itch like crazy. I'll take Ruby my boxer in to my vet again today to look at her feet. I've had her in 2 times and my vet sould not find anything. She looked at her and my cat with the blacklight and did skin scraps and looked at them under her microscope and saw nothing. I groomed dogs for years but this has me stumped!

    I never heard about the ladybug look alike wow good to know about. Chiggers maybe? Some type of mite that you can't see? I live in Idaho and its cold outside now days but this bug or whatever it is lives in the house. I've been killing spiders and baby spiders but thats normal.
    Yes I had changed my cloths soap maybe thats it. I'm stumped but I'll post what is going on when I figure it out.

    I go to my doctor this morning he may know or figure it out. Between him and the vet I should get an answer. Meanwhile itch itch itch!lol

    Well at any rate it has helped me not to think about the high pain level I'm in..itch itch itch.LOL
    Have a great day all.
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    Would you believe scabies! My doctor thinks I got them from my boxer. My vet once again found nothing on my boxer dog.But because she has been itching for awhile gave her Revolution. So much for being natural. I've heard some bad stuff about Revolution on a boxer forum I'm in. I thought her itching was food allergy thing. Guess not we will see.

    Doctor is telling me to use a cream that is $120.00 for 2 ounces and is very toxic you rub the cream on from your neck down the whole body. It stays on overnight and then you wash it off. Then repeat in 14 days if you have too. It has to be ordered.

    I could just scream but...on the good side he did give me Lorcet for my pain and said I can use valium for awhile. I'm a mess and the valium is helping. I'm at a very low pain level for the first time in about 1 1/2 months. Very thankful for that.

    Now I have to wash everything in hot water. Sheets and stuff just like if you're treating lice. What a pain

    Well thanks for listening

  5. sydneysider

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    I,ve worked in two different places that became infested with paper mites. You can't see them, but they sure do bite.

    In both cases they were gotten rid of by bombing.

    The second place was just a small kiosk, and the owner used an insecticide bomb from the supermarket. It sure solved the problem.
  6. Dee50

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    I wish I cold bomb but I've got 7 big salt water tanks so I can't and I don't think I could handle a toxic bombing even days after doing it.
    For years I groomed dogs and I found out the hard way about toxic chemicals used in the grooming world about 25 years ago. I'm sure that has something to do with the shape I'm in now.

    Now I've got to get my colon moving. I swear if its not one thing its another. Lately I feel like I've only got cover ups for my health and no real fixing of things.

    I'm thankfull to be alive just very down in the dumps right now.

    Thanks for listening.
  7. Dee50

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    I just thought I'd share the treatment we used for this.
    Revolution for the dog, about $45 at the vet. office.
    Permethrin Cream 5% Rx for me cost about $18.00 at the pharmacy.
    Getting a collar for my blind cat she is not itching but has a sore about 5 inches long on her back legs the upper part that is also missing hair. I'm sure it's the mites.

    So I hope this link can help someone someday.

    Remember if you don't see fleas or flea dirt and your dog is licking and nibleing away at their back legs, itching their bellies, has red eyes ect... TREAT for this mite..your vet can not test your animals and find it!

    Both my vet 2 of them and I thought it was a food allergy thing, the joke was on us.

    I spend hundreds of dollars messing with her foods. The best grades of food did not get rid of this mite. And she still keep itching and biting herself.

    In the beginning we were not getting many bites on us. This has been going on about 8 months or so. I've got NO idea where she got them. This is an indoor spoiled rotten boxer dog and my cat never goes outside.


    P.S. You may need to retreat again in 14 days because of the mites egg cycle and you must wash everything in hot water and vacume everthing bomb your home if you can handle it. Very toxic be carefull with the bombing part.

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    Mange in dogs is a type of scabies. I am an expert on it. One of my dogs had it and I would hold her in my lap to put her mange medicine on. I got a bad patch on the back of one of my legs and didn't figure it out for weeks. I was miserable, couldn't sleep at night. I sleep with the dog so I even got it inside my ears. That was a pretty bad experience.

    All the medicines I tried wouldn't kill it on me. I ended up taking a Q-tip and spraying it with Raid and dabbing it on all the itchy spots. That was all that helped me. I am definitely NOT recommending it to anyone.

    No medical doctor that I have ever talked to knows that mange is scabies. A vet is the only one that knows it and doesn't mention that it is contagious to humans.

    To sum it up, I KNOW how you feel.

    From Wikipedia: Sarcoptic mange
    Also known as canine scabies, sarcoptic mange is a highly contagious infestation of Sarcoptes scabei canis, a burrowing mite. The canine sarcoptic mite can also infest humans and cats, although usually not severely, as its natural host is dogs.

    These mites dig into and through the skin, causing intense itching and crusting that can quickly become infected. Hair loss and crusting frequently appears first on elbows and ears. Skin damage can occur from the dog's intense scratching and biting.

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  9. Dee50

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    I also belong to The box mailing list forum and I'll post what they tell me. They deal with mange lots.

    I remember reading on that site about 2 types of mange one in the blood steam and that you use the same med as used for heartworm in a paste and give it by mouth (to your boxer)

    I'm hoping for some ideas about getting them off me.lol

    They would know if revolution will even work for Ruby, she is still itching. I can see why you used Raid on a Qtip this is bad and I've been eaten alive by them.lol

    Thanks for the post.