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    Missy Sue,I am so happy you are back with us!

    I hope you had a wonderful vacation. Did you meet up with your friends, 'Ben and Jerry'? Does your husband truly understand this relationship? heh heh heh

    We are moving this weekend and will be finished up on Tuesday. Well, as finished as a home can be with 8 million UNPACKED boxes, etc. Jest kidding! In all honesty it is 33 and 1/2 million!!!!!!!!!!

    Afterwards, I am planning on hooking with 'Mart and Olive'! I'll be sure and enjoy them twice, for you!

    Truly, I hope you did have a good time. Hoping you did not come home not feeling well! It sounded like a grand trip!

    Hopefully, we will converse very soon!!! GRIN How do you like the word converse? I am trying to impress an English teacher. Warning! If I had to take English again, I would end up in a Pre-K class.......

    Many hugs and smiles,


  2. ksp56

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    Thanks Patti!
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  4. ksp56

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    hoping for this to find Sue!
  5. fivesue

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    OH, that Ben and Jerry...did they work their magic on our vacation! Ooh La La! Thought about Marti, but then decided husband could put up with one "affair" but two might put him over the edge! (-:

    Had a great vacation...was sick one day, but had a good time mostly. We rented a patio boat for a few hours, and we cruised around the lake, went swimming, etc. A lovely time.

    That's right...you're moving! You will need Marti and Olive! I have only lived in two huses in 32 years, so you know how much I hate to move! Forget the boxes! They won't go anywhere...relax with your "friend."

    Felt really lousy today...woke up at 2 AM and had a headache, etc. I had a very busy week last week, and this was just the end of my ability. I just don't know how to pace myself. Do you? I have always been a real type A; trying to stop when I still have energy is almost too much for me. Don't know when I'll learn.

    Oh, you don't need to take English again! You know the word converse...what more do you need? Sorry I didn't see your post sooner...was busy yesterday and have felt lousy today. Hope you're on the board...or I'll keep bumping for you. Somehow that last line doesn't sound good even though that's what we do...must be the headache.

    Take care...don't overdo.

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    I am glad you found my post!

    I am sorry you were sick while on vacation. It's good it wasn't long term!

    You are right! I don't think your DH could have dealt with Marty and Olive showing up! A man can only take so much!
    Like Tammy sang, "STAND BY YOUR MAN....After all he's just a MAN." Used the two lines I could remember!

    Do you think you might be flaring after your trip? I believe no matter how much we relax, a trip is stressful to our bodies. Rest, rest, rest and drink your water!

    We actually complete our move tomorrow. My DH has been hustling to get everything to the new house. Movers will do the big items. I'm helping Jim with the loads and cleaned up the new house. Can't wait to clean up one we are in. It's all over but the shouting, then!

    To answer your question about pacing myself? Last week I did, this week I haven't at all. I am paying the price with an achey body and the CF dragging me down. Hoping not too, but it would not surprise me if I go into major flare after this move is over.

    Take really good care of yourself! If you feel like having Ben and Jerry drop in, for pete's sake go ahead and indulge! hee hee

    Many gentle hugs,

  7. fivesue

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    If I knew your address, I'd sent those guys to see you!
    (-: But visit with them before Marti...or maybe on a different day...the combo makes my stomach hurt.

    So, you will probably sleep for a while after you move. Moving is so hard and so intense as you are cleaning and packing one house, and cleaning and unpacking into another. AAGH. Just remember to take a rest before you completely collaspe. From one who kows!

    My panic attack during our trip was brought on by heat and having our daughter and two year old grandson visit for 4 days. Just wore me out, and as I was taking a shower getting ready to go on yet another jaunt, my body said enough and went into fight or flight. Too scary, but not unusual. If I push too much, it's curtains for me.

    Do you like your new place? Glad your husband is doing most of the heavy stuff.

    Terrible things happening in New Orleans...flooding more and more. Can you imagine that disease and destuction of life and property? When I think of my problems, I feel pretty petty...look at what those people are going through and will be going through for months and years.

    So, dear, take care. Keep in touch as you can.


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