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  1. shootingstar

    shootingstar New Member

    To anyone interested in interior design - I have a home which is about ten years old now and in need of some upkeep. Trim in every room is a soft warm white, very light, and ceilings are a similar off-white. I like the white trim - unifies the various rooms - and want to keep that.

    The walls in the main area of the house (kitchen, dinette, living and hall)are a light ivory with rose overtones. I have paint matched to this and am planning to touch up only in this area. It has some nice architectural details which are set off by crown molding, pretty clean and open design. If it were to be painted I would have to hire it done because of high vaulted ceilings, and that is something I absolutely can not afford to do at this time.

    The problem is I don't know what color to paint the other rooms - two small bedrooms, master and two small baths. My inclination had been to keep the white woodwork, paint the walls in the bedrooms (master, guest room, office)a very light shade of cactus green and the baths just a little darker green in the same family, but somehow that does not seem right. Everything now is currently white, and I do want some color, but am not sure what to do. I have the feeling the smaller rooms would look best in a shade lighter than the main area of the house, but that would end up being almost no color at all.

    My house has a mish-mash of furniture - antiques from my grandmother, forties and fifties early American stuff from my parents, a grand piano from my grandmother. I'd characterize it as somewhere between traditional and eclectic. Colors in furnishings are in various shades of green, some burgundy-brick, some lighter neutrals. Flooring/carpet is light beige. Woods are mixed. I like light warm colors. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    I am hoping I can do this. I thought if I just tackled a little at a time throughout the winter and set a goal of a room every two weeks with a break - my energy levels are really low, but having all this stuff that needs to be done in the background is not helping. I just don't want to make some major mistake in color to compound things.

    Thank you for any input at all!
  2. suz45

    suz45 New Member

    Shooting star:

    With the trim you described a catucs green would be nice in the bedrooms as well as the bathroom....I find green to be a soothing yet life color... Also what side do these rooms face that may make a difference in the light vs darkness... If they are on the N or NE side you may want to keep them slightly lighter and if you have windows in these rooms go with a linen shade or drapes.

    I have found the simplier I go the mor peaceful the room feels.

    My great room which faces north east, but has a wall and I mean wall of windows is in a darker cactus green, it has a valted ceiling and I have found this color to be very relaxing...

    Hope this is helpful. Just remember not to make it to busy, but cozy.

    Let us know what you pick.

  3. shootingstar

    shootingstar New Member

    The master bedroom faces west and gets the hot afternoon sun. The other rooms face east to morning sun.

    I'm wondering if what has been throwing me off with the green is the thought of varying the shade from the bedrooms to the baths. It might be more clean-cut to keep the same color intensity in the bedrooms and baths, just a little more color than the living room, but still light.

    One bath is off a hall and has no window at all. That is the room I'm having trouble visualizing right now. Nothing feels quite right. Maybe that could be a very slight variation of the ivory/rose tone in the living/hall area - the same intensity of that color as the intensity of whatever green I might use, keep the other rooms (all bedrooms and master bath) the same tone of light cactus green.

    You're right about keeping things simple. My inherited mix of furniture has worked only because I have placed it and then returned on later occasions to remove things that might be too much and create some areas left open undecorated - less is definitely more in some spots. I definitely feel I need to keep any color schemes simple and peaceful.

    Thanks for your input.
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  4. charlenef

    charlenef New Member

    when i move (we have been looking for awhile ) i know cant do the work myself im looking forward to keeping my mind busy with the plans.personally i love bold colors with white trim like tones of reds are beautiful.everyone is different though my one girlfriend loves everything white. good luck charlene
  5. suz45

    suz45 New Member

    Hi shooting star

    The green sounds really nice for the bedroom, especially with it facing west, you definately don't want to blast yourself out of that room when the sun comes in. A more subtle green could work for the bathroom, also have you considered a very lite lavender, very soothing and since you don't have a window keep the trim off white and the ceiling white too.

    Sounds like youv'e got some great ideas...

    I'm in the process of redoing a 20 year old house in western ny, the people left it so drab all vanilla....YUK.

    Have painted the girls bedrooms...Luckily those rooms face north as my almost 14 year old picked bright meadow green and my almost 12 year old picked cotton candy pink w/ magenta. Well at least they are happy and actually now that the curtains are up it looks nice and is beginning to feel more like home. We have only been here since June.

    Have fun painting.... Pace yourself..I find it to be killer on the muscles.

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  6. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    ShootingStar, I think color is important, even if it is subtle color. I find white to be too stark. My Master Bedroom leads to my Master Bathroom and we painted both rooms the same shade of green and I LOVE IT!!! It is a soft, light color, similar to sage. I've never been disappointed with green...just as long as it's not too dark or too bright. The borders and moldings are white. My two small guest bedrooms are a gorgeous shade of goldish green...hard to describe. The color is deep enough to make a statement, but light enough so that the rooms don't look smaller.

    If I can find the exact paint colors, I'll let you know.

  7. shootingstar

    shootingstar New Member

    charlenef - I love those bold colors - I have a neighbor who has used those and they really look great. I've got so much going on in my house right now I think I need to go with something a little more subtle here.

    suz45 - Your renovation sounds fun, and your kids must have had fun being part of the choices. My dream had always been to have an old, old home to renovate - not now though! A lot to do just trying to keep up a newer one.

    lolalee - If you can find the paint colors I'd really like to know what has worked. I know the light goldish-green color you're talking about - a favorite of mine - but haven't found the exact color in a paint here.
  8. forfink

    forfink New Member

    Just painted my husbands (Man Room) the color "Blonde", by Sherwin Williams. Such a cheerful shade of gold/tan. Looks awesome with wood furniture.
  9. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    i always start by finding a fabric rug or artwork I love and pulling a color from that. I wouold go tot he fabric store and find samples of what I liked. Lynn
  10. Britt2

    Britt2 New Member

    Its best to keep all of the ceilings and trim in your house the same to make it flow..
    A nice cream or warm white works the best (sounds like that is already what you have) Chantilly Lace 2121-70 is a good one if you need one

    If you are looking for a few good choices: (these happen to all be from Benjamin Moore)....and some are natural/earth tones but some are more bold, dont be afraid of colour! It can turn your room around, and your mood when you are in it!

    Brookside Moss 2145-30 (great sage/green)
    Grasslands CC-590 (sage colour)
    Mossy Oak CC-600 (darker sage - beautiful for an accent wall)

    Verdigris CC-758 (Cool tone blue/green)

    Majestic Blue 2051-40 (deep green/marine blue) Great for bathrooms with white trim and white towels - beautiful

    Dorset gold (HC-8) (Camel/gold tone)

    I have also used the deep mushroom/redish accent combo for rooms that can handle it. They both work well with all tones of wood and most fabrics as well. I use it in a lot of living rooms too - I love it!!! And so do most of my clients as well:
    arizona tan 2162-50 (tan tone) (3 of the 4 walls)
    Chilli pepper 2004-20 (for the one accent wall)

    See if you can get some of these colour chips from the Ben. Moore paint store when you can....take a look and let me know what path you'd like to go...I can give you more suggestions once you've decided as well... HAVE FUN! :)
  11. fairydust39

    fairydust39 New Member

    I used Silver Sage by Ben Moore in my living room and I love it. Also for the bath without window why not try a
    co-ordinating color, like a soft yellow or peach. You don't need to stick with the same color, unless your rooms are connected, but stay with colors that co-ordinates with each other.I would keep all ceiling and wood work white,since they already are white.In each room have one
    dominate thing( Like rug,picture) and use the colors in it to pick your other colors in your room,also colors that
    co-ordinate with your wall color.
    Hugs Shirley
  12. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    What fun! I love colors and wish I could see your house and come help you out. I painted a few rooms in my house 3 years ago, so I can give you some input. Here's my thought: it sounds like you have a lot of things that are green already, so by adding even more green on the walls, I think would take away from the green you already have in your furnishings. What I would do is pick a color that would ACCENT and HIGHLIGHT the green as well as the burgundy you've already got in your furniture. Too much green, and everything will get "lost".

    My mom's an artist and has taught me a little bit about color. Light colors make a house look bigger. Dark colors do the opposite. Warm colors are inviting, and you like warm colors, so definitely stick to that. I painted some rooms in my house a few years ago. I think a light warm peach might be pretty (we have that color in one room and it's gorgeous), but I would have to see the exact colors in your house to know for sure. I don't want to suggest a color that I love and tell you to get it too. Although many people tell us they like it. Maybe a more neutral, warm "ecru" or eggshell type color would look better. Think about the flow from room to room as well and how each color fits in with that overall flow.

    There's a great way to narrow down your options: The folks at Lowes (where I got my paint) told me to get a bunch of swatches of the colors I might like and take plenty of time in narrowing it down. This really will take time. There's so many colors, but you WILL come to a decision. PLUS, you know you want to stick to warm colors, so that narrows it down right there!

    Then, once you narrow it down to two or three, buy some small cans of paint in those colors and paint each color on one white piece of poster board. This will give you a much bigger "swatch" than one of those tiny ones you get at the store. Tape it up to the walls of the rooms you will be painting and look at them several different times of day because the light will be different and therefore the color will look different (it's amazing how different the color can look!). This will really help you make your final choice.

    I don't think you'll make a mistake. The worst thing that happens is that you just paint over the wall. That's what's great about this project- it's easily fixed. :)

    Please pace yourself (it's very physical- I did this pre-fibro, but I think you'll be ok!)), keep the rooms ventilated while you paint (the paints are very fumey!) but have fun. Good luck....you'll do great!! Let us know how it goes!

    Warmly, Erika
  13. pawprints

    pawprints New Member

    At Benjamin Moore, they have mini( like the size of a cup) samples...so you can buy a few you like without spending alot of money. I tried it out for a week or so to see what I liked.

    I went from white walls to color. I love it but at first it was a bit overwhelming so the samples helped me.

    I love a deep gold, tan I choose. Also a green turned out the best. The gold, tan is called Twilight...something. Can't remember exactly.

    But do try and paint some samples. Look at them at different times of day to see what makes you feel good.

    Also you might consider an accent wall in one shade deeper.

    By the way, go online and you can use the websites to get ideas and play around. One actually lets you touch a color and put it in one of their rooms. Very helpful.

    Have fun!
  14. shootingstar

    shootingstar New Member

    Fight - I had to laugh when you described your dream house. It sounds happy! My great grandparents were reputed to have had a home with a sun painted on the ceiling in one room too. No pictures to document this - just rumors.

    There were so many great ideas here. I live in a small town and Benjamin Moore paints aren't available here, but I did go to their website and got an idea of the colors those of you who mentioned Benjamin Moore were talking about. We do have Sherwin-Williams here, also Lowes, Home Depot, Columbia Paints.

    The master bedroom doesn't have any color at this time except for a couple throw pillows, so a sage green could work well there. My guest room has green accessories so I think you are right, Zenouchy,in saying green walls might detract there. There is an old scandinavian wall hanging/weaving in that room that might be a good place to draw colors - all warm shades. I think I'd like to keep my office the same color as the guest room. The house is relatively small - the guest room and office are small and adjoin one another.

    I'm going to run over to Lowes and pick up a bunch of samples as suggested, and maybe I'll have some fresh ideas.

    Thank you everyone for your interest and help.

  15. lv2sing

    lv2sing New Member

    from the other colors you are using, a light "beige" would look good, kind of like a pale tan. This color looks great w/ white trimming on floors & ceiling. A pale, or light "sagey" green would also look good. Just some thoughts. I recently did my kitchen in a neutral beige, & brought in reds for the curtains, pictures, etc. It looks awesome! Good luck, mostly, have fun!! Doing a new room/s over makes me always feel so good afterward. It's like a new slate :)
  16. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member


    The Lowes people are usually pretty helpful if you can go at a time when they aren't too busy/crowded and have a little extra time to spend to help you. You might consider taking some pics of your house, and a more experienced person in the paint department can give you some great suggestions for paint colors too.

    You could call ahead and ask what time they are the least crowded. They usually love what they do and don't mind helping. Let us know how it goes!!

    Erika :)

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