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  1. Water is boring. I have been drinking caffeine coke, but need to stop, too much sugar. I hate diet pops, that aftertaste. I am trying coke zero which isn't too bad. What else is there. I don't drink coffee and occasional tea.


    I need a 12 step program...! I have been able to kick all of my other habits like smoking and drinking but I just can't seem to give up the soda and I know that I need to. I am sure it makes me feel like poop. I have been trying lately to drink more water.

    I know that doesn't help but I just wanted to put my two scents in!

  3. that lady on Oprah that drank two 12 pks of diet coke a day! She slept 18 hrs. a day! They said pop is the worst thing to drink, SUGAR, SUGAR, SUGAR. Plus even the saccharin or equal can't be good for you?
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    I know water is boring and alot of people find it hard to drink, but it is the only liquid that our body cannot be without.

    I didn't used to like to drink water, but I have taught myself to like it, and very seldom drink anything else now.

    If you need some help to be convinced to start drink lots of water, go to watercure2.org. It's a wonderful site that I think you'll enjoy reading.

    I hope you don't mind my reply. It's just that I never knew for most of my life just how important water is to good health, and thought you may be interested in learning more about it.

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    Tons of water! We buy it by the case. It takes a while to get used to. After a while it becomes a habit. You can spice up the water with slices of lemon, lime, or orange if you find it too plain.

    I also drink 2 percent milk and the occasional Coke (the real stuff with caffeine and sugar). when I say occasional I mean maybe once a month.

    I also make smoothies. Frozen organic fruit or berries, low fat vanilla yogurt, protein powder, a splash of juice, and a little honey. Throw it all in the blender and mix it up real good; you're done. Cheaper and more healthy than the ones you buy in the grocery store.

    I have one or two cups of coffee in the morning. Never more than two.

    I don't drink liquor at all any more. With the FM and the Crohn's my body can't handle it. I don't even miss it.

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    It's a sparkling water beverage - flavored. I love it! For my caffeine kick I drink either Starbucks mocha frappucino or Trader Joe's 3 shots of espresso with cocoa. Of course these last 2 are NOT sugar free, but the water is.

    God Bless.
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    I know it's bad for me and I should drink water, but I dont. I drink Diet Pepsi. Alot of it, probably at least two 2-liter bottles a day. I havent had a glass of water in years. I drink the pop from the time I get up till I go to bed. I keep a glass by me filled at all times. I also drink the ocasional cup of coffee. And once a week when we go out I drink coffee with Bailey's Irish Cream.

    I know it's awful for me and that my body needs water, but I just dont like it and am hopelessly addicted to the Pepsi. Have been since I was a little girl. This is all I have ever drank and I guess habits are just too hard to change.
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    Juice! I won't drink anything less :p Lots and lots of juices.

    Then I drink a lot of water, but only certain brands, IE SmartWater and Penta water. Yes, yes...quite picky, haha.

    For a treat I usually have the koolaid without the dyes added, I've found I can't drink the darker sodas anymore :( But I think I can still have Jones soda...that I need to find out.
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    Water! Water! Water!!!!

    Sounds pretty boring, I know, but thi is my story.

    Several years ago I started taking Topomax as a migraine preventative. One of the side evvects is, it changes your taste toward carbonated beverages - so no more coke-a-cola for me (I was such a coke, no pepsi monger!)

    Then I was diagnosed w/ IC(Interstitial Cystitis). Well, that knocked off all citrus, acidic (including cranberry). I had already given up caffeine when I was dx w/ fibro.

    So, I actually do drink 1 cup of decaff tea in the morning. Then the rest of the day it's all WATER! We buy bottled water by the case, we also have a water cooler. So I typically refill my water bottle at least once.

    I have on occassion made the mistake of "treating" myself - while we were on vacation. I drank lemonade (it's a no-no on the IC diet) OMG, I was in serious pain w/in 1 hour!!

    Fibrobutterfly, what kind of water are you drinking? I find it Much easier to drink bottled water, rather than tap water or even "filtered" water. I prefer to drink it from the bottle than from a glass. There are some brands I prefer ovedr others. Recently, I came across a "bad batch" of one of my regular brands. I insisted it tasted soapy - yuchy ich! Everyone else in my family insisted it was fine. Well, they had to finish the cases we had. We were out of state & picked up that brand- it was perfectly fine.

    When water is the only thing you drink, you really notice the difference in taste. I don't like bubbly water - but some people do. You might want to try that, they have a lot of flavors in the bubbly water. Some brands also have regular flavor water too. Why not give some of those a try?

    Gentle Hugs,

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    and it is called "Refresh"....a sports drink with no sugar and about 50% fruit juice and then water, etc. I mix it half and half with water and it is very refreshing.

    I used to drink Gatorade and water, but since I've found this, I can't stand the taste of Gatorade. This stuff is more expensive that Gatorade, of course, but I love it.

    I always drink two cups of coffee in the morning, my water and juice during the day and soy milk in the evening.

    It's working for me. I rarely have a soda, but if I do, it's usually Sprite or root beer.

    So...just my two cents.


    PS 100% juice, I just read...good stuff[This Message was Edited on 09/16/2006]
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    I drink a lot of water. I have to be careful about juices because my hypoglycemia, and I will be up all night if I drink anything caffeinated after, say, 3 pm.

    When I get bored with plain water, I make a lemonade and sweeten it with Stevia (a natural, non-sugar sweetener). I also drink herbal teas, either hot or cold. There are some interesting combinations out there!
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    I know it's bad but I can't give up my coffee!! I had to give up soda and most juices a few years back because of gastro problems.. I drink more water than I used to though I know it's not enough.. green tea.. iced tea.. but mostly coffee.. I confess.. bad, bad, bad....
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    I drink basically nothing but water (bottled). I am very fussy about my water, and take it everywhere I go, even when I go out to eat. I know alot of habits are very hard to kick, but soda (either regular or diet) is the worst thing you could drink. I have found Weightwatchers with Splenda for my family. I feel Splenda would be the best of anything.
    P.S. I still have my morning coffee!
  14. 69mach1

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    some fiber stuff to it...mix it up and it is all good...

    i watch my sugar intake only because i swell up like a balloon...

    it makes such a difference for me...

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    I use to drink coke a lot of it. I went cold turkey when my stomach problems started a few month ago. I think some of my swelling has gone down.

    I drink water ,sometimes Herbal teas with no caffeine .There are a lot of different kinds you should try them I like them iced also.

    I would really like to encourage those of you that drink pop to stop because I do think it was adding to my FM pain . I still have pain but its getting better REALLY since I stop all the cokes. I sit with a glass of ice water all day now. I think it takes a long time to get it out of your system. I could never stop coke before I tried for years off and on . The last time my stomach got bad I just haven't wanted it .
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    First off, water is the supreme top winner, hands down, for what is best for us.

    That said, to enjoy water, drink the cleanest, purest, best tasting water you can find. Yes, there really is a difference!

    For example, if I am buying bottled water, I will not buy Arrowhead brand, simply because I don't like the taste. I prefer to buy AquaFina because I DO like the taste of it.

    It's very personal, so if you can find a water brand you like, that will go a long way toward helping you enjoy drinking water.

    We also use a PUR water filter pitcher at home. Before we sold our home last December, we had a water delivery service, and still have the stoneware crock we bought with the service. We filter tap water through the PUR pitcher and pour it into the crock so we have a steady supply of good tasting water.

    Just a few suggestions...

    Also, you might try making sun tea or refrigerator tea. Put teabags into a glass or clear plastic bottle or pitcher, and steep either in the sun for several hours or in the refrigerator overnight. (for the fridge, you don't need a clear container, although the tea looks pretty if you do)

    This yields a mild and pleasant beverage that can be sweetened or spiced as desired.

    When I brew my morning tea (a blend I created for myself), I always brew a second pot and then put that into the refrigerator in a pitcher. That way I have tea available if I want it.

    Occasionally I drink a carbonated beverage called Talking Rain Ice, sweetened with splenda. (see, I'm not a purist!!) I buy it at CostCo, not sure where else to get it.

    Please read up on the awful things soda does to our bodies. Drinking it occasionally is ok, but daily will get you in trouble, health-wise.

    My 2.5 cents,
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    Water water water....and tea...all kinds of tea, green, oolong, mint, raspberry,etc.. Sometimes I'll drink the tea cold, but mostly I brew several pots throughout the day and sip on hot tea. To me it has become a ritual..it is calming. I used to hate tea. The only tea I had ever tasted was Lipton's regular tea and my mother used to give it to us when we were sick. I associated tea with being sick.

    I've never gotten addicted to colas, but I used to drink an occasional Coke or Diet Coke until I realized how terrible that stuff is for your body. Not only is it bad for healthy people, it is poison for those of us with FMS and CFIDS.

    The way I see it, there is no cure for FMS or CFIDS so I am not going to make my illness worse by ingesting things that are harmful. It really does make a difference. Once you stop drinking all that sugar or artificial sweetner, you will notice how much worse you feel when you try to drink it occasionally. At least I notice it...I suppose I shouldn't speak for anyone else.

    I don't think it would be easy to suddenly stop drinking cola if you drink it everyday. You might want to start with substituting 1/2 glass of water for 1/2 glass of cola. Drink half the amount of cola with lots of ice, but first drink half a glass of water so you won't be so thirsty.

    I really think the manufacturers of these products put stuff in these drinks to make you crave them or to make you thirsty for that particular flavor. Plus, we know that sugar is addictive...the more you have, the more you want. Anyone who has tried the Atkins Diet, knows that the first 3 days are the hardest and once you're past the first week of no carbs/no sugar, you no longer crave them.

    Good luck to you Fibrobutterfly. At least nowadays good water is easy to obtain. Years ago, if you didn't have a home filter or a service to bring you water, you had to drink what came out of your faucet.

  18. Water it will be. Actually I have started buying bottled water. I buy the one coca cola makes and like it. I just miss my two cf cokes. Boo hoo. Tea is a no no , as I have IC too.
  19. Bambi

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    a glass of OJ, occasionally pomegranite juice and mostly LOTS, GALLONS of distilled water~! For a change VERY rarely, a can of orange soda pop with sugar sweetener. Gotta cheat sometimes.
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    I have always been a water drinker. My hubby not so much. I have him now drinking it, by adding fruit juice to it. I don't mean a 1/2 glass, just a bit to flavor the water.

    Pop makes me feel so bloated, I hate that feeling.

    I also drink green tea and the occassional cup of coffee.