OT Whats the Gas Price where you Live??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sisland, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. sisland

    sisland New Member

    IT's 2.85 in MT for reg unleaded now And 2.95 for premium
  2. IlivetocantoronXena

    IlivetocantoronXena New Member

    for reg low grade in MAss it is 3.03 and then on up to 3.60
  3. brisklea

    brisklea New Member

    The gas here is 2.99 for unleaded 87. We are about an hour from the Mass border in NY.
  4. Lulu28

    Lulu28 New Member

    $3.19 on Whidbey Island in WA. (for reg unleaded--premium higher of course)

    Anyone know what it is in Wyoming?
  5. place

    place New Member

    2.89 to 3.99

    I got gas three nights ago and it was rock bottom price of 2.79! And I had to wait in line!
  6. libra55

    libra55 New Member

    I live in MA. Yesterday I paid $3.03 for regular. However, I have gotten it as low as $2.97. There is a discount gas station near where I do some of my errands so I normally stop there, but I was nearly on E yesterday and had no choice but to stop locally.

    The high grade stuff is typically going for $3.50 something and up.

    I am reading some of the other posts on this too and I agree completely, it is hard on the unemployed, elderly, disabled, and just the regular consumer. I don't commute to a job (I'd love a job but not the gas price to commute) and we are doing things close to home this summer for recreation. We will take one child to camp in August and then our daughter to college in the fall and that will be it.

    I try to make a tank last as long as possible. Sort of like a game. I combine errands all the time. Still I feel like I am always at the pump.

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  7. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Makes you wonder how high it will actually get!! I have to agree that some on dissability and the reg working person already has a hard time keeping up!!

    What to blame it on?? War? etc... I Know if you belong to a costco or sams club you can get it cheaper! In this area alot of folks have long drives to their Jobs! so their checks are a third down due to gas prices!!.........................This area is also a tourist Destination (Gateway To Glacier Park) and were used to the prices going up in the summer.......................................last summer it got up to 2.47 and we thought that was bad!!.....................Just complaining!!
  8. Lulu28

    Lulu28 New Member

    My husband has to drive 100 miles a day to and from work (50 miles one way etc.) We spend between $80 and $100 a week on gasoline alone. That adds up to as much as $400 a month on just gas!

    It IS outrageous.
  9. 1975jet

    1975jet New Member

    Gas here was $2.99 for reg. - it is ridiculous and than you have to have it to mow the lawn- plus we are getting alot of rain it seems and the grass looks like spring...

    Needless to say the lawn does not get done like normal, plus I can only ride the rider for small periods- As far as paying for gas in the vehicle- I do not go far- doctors and store once in awhile right now. They gotta do something, what is it with this world?????

    It is pretty bad - and it makes a chain reaction from everything you have to buy like food, etc...
  10. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Lowest grade in Upstate NY (where wages are LOW) is $3.05-how on earth are people supposed to get to work?

    Anne Cromwell
  11. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    $3.45 for regular in extreme NW Calif.

  12. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    $2.87 for regular in central Maine...

    The consumer struggles and complains while not only the execs fill their pockets but their stockholders...One of my elderly relatives gets thousands of $$$$ a quarter from old Exxon/Mobil stocks while her son spends over $100 week to get to work...

    Someone has to spend it for someone to make it...Ahhhhhh, the freedoms we fight for...
  13. ckball

    ckball New Member

    last week in Ky- I don't drive everyday and try to combine Dr appts and such as to save me an extra trip into town.

    My daughter in PA drives 120 miles a day round trip, she has a ford focus and like someone else said nearly 400 bucks a month just for gas.

  14. Denamay

    Denamay New Member

    This is oil country and the sign I saw today was $1.13 per litre. In other words:$1.13x4= aprox. $4.52 per gallon.
    We have a huge oil industry here and most of the production is sent south to the states. Seems like in the US. gas is cheaper than in Canada. Love Denamay
  15. blessedmom2four

    blessedmom2four New Member

    reg unleaded around 3.15, in n.CA
  16. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    BP in VA is $3.09 AND SOME OTHER IS WAS $3.19
  17. TAM

    TAM New Member

    In ohio its $2.95 for reg $2.99 for premium.

    Gas prices are way to high no matter where you live i do believe. I really don't think the prices will go down anytime soon at least not in the near future .
  18. 2.99 for regular. I heard its going to be $4.00 a gallon very soon.
  19. nanna4550

    nanna4550 New Member

    I never thought I'd think that $2.81/gal was a good price for gas. When I was a teenager it was .35/gal., yes we are talking cents. I'm here in Oregon where we don't have to pump our own, too, don't even have to get out of the car.
    Hm. .....
  20. Denamay

    Denamay New Member

    I wonder what the price of gas is in some other countries?
    It would be interesting to know. Denamay
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