OT Who believes that they may have lived another life?

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  1. carebelle

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    Just wondering if anyone really thinks or has experienced something to make them believe they had lived before.

    I don't mean if ya was smoking wacky tobackie or anything like that.

    I mean something more real and legal .Kinda like a memory of being somewhere before but not in this life?
  2. rockgor

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    This one has been no big treat.
  3. carebelle

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    bump for more thinking on this
  4. Greenbean7

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    If I did I must have been really really bad!!


    Stop and smell the puppies!
  5. kholmes

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    LOL Rockgor and Greenbean

    I don't believe in reincarnation; though I do believe in an afterlife.

    But the scientist and skeptic, Carl Sagan, towards the end of his life, said that among all of the paranormal claims he had investigated for many years--telepathy, UFOs, ghosts, etc...--reincarnation was actually the one for which he saw the strongest, most unexplainable evidence.


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  6. jarjar

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    I use to work with hypnotherapy back from college days. Its very easy when trained to take people back to their past lives.
  7. Lolalee

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    ...but when my life on earth is over, I sure am looking forward to my eternal life in heaven where there will be no more death or mourning or crying or PAIN.

  8. mrpain

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    I agree with you one hundred per-cent!!!!!!!!!
  9. AbbeyMae

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    I used to believe in reincarnation but now I feel that if there is, I sure do not want to come back to this planet.
    I believe that our planet and country is in trouble.

    I do not want to come back to a country where they use some unsuspecting citizens for their germ warfare experiments.

    I believe that, that has been going on and other things also.

    Love and hugs,

  10. Cinlou

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    Yes, I believe I have had many lives before this one, and I will have many more...
    I have a very good friend that crossed over a year ago, He had regressed me many times to past lives.....he has written a book on reincarnation that is very interesting...He was not able to publish it... I have it, I'm going to try and get it published when I can...

    I miss him so much....yes, I believe in reincarnation!

  11. tata1580

    tata1580 New Member

    I don't know where it came from it was certainly not in my up bringing..I have never been regressed but I think maybe my past life was as pioneer..

    I also feel that we come back by choice to reach souls perfection..

    Carebelle..what is your thinking on this?
  12. Jane_Canuck

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    Yup I believe too... At least I do now!

    I never thought that God would recycle people. and being Christian I thought hmmmm I just can not dig this crap....


    I started having memories come up and then channeling poetry and words and things! I have note books full of things that are fro0m my last past life.

    I have come out and said, Oh don't worry dear they are only doing that so the peasants feel like they can be involved too. Not to worry we shall over come this.....

    I mean who the heck says that stuff in this day and age!

    I used to tell that to my mom too when we would play bingo! ROFLMAO I would say oh look I need 1 more number she would say great! Then 5 would go by and she would get mad cause we are close and I would say, Not to worry they are letting the peasants feel like they have a chance I will get the number in a couple more turns.

    Yup sure enough I did lol! I never say it now because of how droll it sounds.

    I know about a few of my past lives and man I am not living in the same comfort as I lived in then! BUmmer, but then I have also outlived many of my past lives at this point too. So that is a good lesson.

    AAnyhow rambling lol guess meds are working lol nighters all! Brenda
  13. hugs4evry1

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    I've always felt a strong pull to Europe, even as a child although I don't know if I've ever lived another life.

    Funny, when I was visiting here a few years ago, I was in a castle and happened to look up and see my exact face up on a fresco on the castle wall.

    It was strange, I was having a horrible time...it was freezing and I had no coat, raining and I had no umbrella, too much walking and I was in so much pain, my back was killing me yet I looked up just at that moment to see that face.

    My daughter saw it too, it really was exactly like my face in my 20's and 30's.

    Nancy B
  14. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    Well first I am a christian. I am not sure after this experence about anything but God. That said here is my story:
    When I first became very ill I was leaving work. I got lost and lost my memory.

    During several hour of trying to remember how to get home I remembered several things .One was a huge barn I was sitting on a horse Watching what I thought was a hanging .(The barn really exist in Manassas Va.)

    In my Dream/memory it was being burn down. It is partly burn down in real life and very old.
    I also remembered being in one of the old buildings but dressed in period clothing from the civil War. I was dancing and the man I danced with was in an officers dress blues. I remembered the drapes on the windows.

    I tried to really go in that building but it was locked. I found out later its being restored for them to have weddings and formal parties in.

    I also remember being married at a gazebo on the corner of a street in an old fashion dress (my real wedding dress looks old in style)anyhow I was marrying someone other then my husband I know he was very very tall.

    This memory has a lot of detail to much to go into here.
    I did not grow up here but for several weeks I had what seem like very clear memories about places and people from back in the civil war periods.

    After several hours of being lost I found my way home. Sometime during the next month I had a Army Officer a black women in a prairie dress and an Indian in full dress headpiece and all came and stood next to my bed.(my great grand father was Indian)

    I talk to them and they told me to just trust God everything would be alright .I was so scared and a little girl ran from the bottom of my bed into the arms of the black women.

    Then the one who was in a gray uniform turn to leave but as he turn his uniform turn dark blue.

    I have always believed this really happen in my house and these were Angels.

    All of this has much more detail to it but it would be to long here.

    This sounds really like I made it up but I did not. Another weird story is after my husband and I were married his Grandmother gave us some very old pictures of his great grandmother. I looked just like her in my teens .So much my brother was visiting and ask where I had the old picture taken it was really good. When I told him it wasn't me ,he couldn't believe it. When I said it was my husbands great grandmother he was speechless.

    So I still wonder about other life's and this strange brain we have.
    I choose to really TRUST GOD but my life has been interesting to say the least.

    Someday I may do a life regression if I found someone I'd trust and wasn't scared.

    This experence has made me more open minded and compassionate for so called mentally ill people.

  15. Adl123

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    Dear Carebelle,

    Yes, I feel that I have been here before. I studied hypnosis for a few years, and was regressed several times. I was a happy, irresponsible wench in the middle ages, a warrior before that, and an Egyptian magician before that. I was a girl in the time of Socrates.

    I still haven't figured out what I am evening the score for, in this lifetime, and maybe that's good. I also believe that we can choose to come back.

    There is one philosophy that teaches that a soul must experience everything before enlightenment. If this is true, then some lifetime experiences are chosen as a path to getting to know one's self, and God,and as a way to grow in compassion and love, not as part of the commonly understood Karma. I think there are some experiences that fall into this categoty. I think you will agree that no one can really understand CFIDS /Fibro, unless they have experienced it.

    This is a fun thread.

    Terry - - - Also, when I went to England and to the cliff ldwellings of the Sinagua Indians, in Arizona, I had distinct memories of being there before and of things that had happened. - - Interesting.

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  17. lil_angel1198

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    a Christian too, but I've been reading a boot about this subject. It's very interesting. There are a lot of things that can't be explained in this world, and I leave it up to God to take care of it.
    But some of the stuff in the book are pretty compelling to believe. Some people have mentioned names, places, and described them in detail when they've never been there....then research was done to see how accurate it was, and some turned out to be.
    I don't know, I feel drawn to a couple things.... Scotland being one...the Highlands area in particular. Also, the American West, and Native American culture. And England area, during medieval times..... . maybe I've read too many romnce novels...who knows LOL

    If there really is such thing as reincarnation, I hope this is my last time around. I just want to be in Heaven after this life is over.
  18. carebelle

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    It's the only explanation for 3-yr-old children who sit down and write symphonies, play the piano, etc.

    But beyond that, I have felt that "pull" that Nancy B mentioned, along with a loyalty to a region I've never been to. I never got very far outside of PA until I was in middle age but from childhood I've felt a pull to West Virginia and Alabama - the feeling you have about your home state when you move to another one. And learning about the Civil War in school, later readng stories about it - I always felt an actual loyalty to the Confederacy. Always wanted a Rebel flag. (that would have gone over real big. . .LOL)

    A very close friend of 38 years is an "old soul". He's now a Wiccan priest. He says that we keep ending up with the same people in our lives, from past lives. Not always the same relationship, but somehow in our lives. These are the strangers who just seem so comfortable it's hard to believe you just met them - like him and me and my present husband and me.

    I went to a sceance of sorts years ago - a medium who would go around the circle and tell you who was standing behind you and what their message was. As she got closer to me the people who had been talked to were quite stunned by what she had to say. (We were supposed to be thinking about someone in particular). When she got to me she had a difficult time. There was only someone shadowy there. I spoke to her later and mentioned that the person I wanted to hear from had committed suicide. She said I should have told her that (but that was my "test" of her). She went on to say that this person may have moved on already. She said that people who commit suicide have cut short their predestined lives and they must come back to live out the remaining years of the life they cut short. She said these are often the children who die at young ages - it wasn't really thier own life, but the remainder of a previous life. Made sense to me.

    My cousin (with CFS/FM) says we sure must have had A LOT of fun "before" and she hopes it was worth it. I say we must have been pretty bad people!
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