OT who really played guitar on White Snake record

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  1. mindbender

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    Seriously, I have always wondered who played guitar on those White Snake songs in the 80s. Vivian Camble? I can't even remember the names of the guitarists I thought. it was. Is it the guys in the vidio or not? The bass player also, the name, he played w/ Randy Rhodes early w/ Qiot Riot. Rudy Sarso? Any info would be appreciated.
  2. mindbender

    mindbender New Member

  3. emttoni

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    On the one cassette I still have the guitarists were Mel Galley and John Sykes. I thought Rudy Sarzo played with them also tho. FOr some reason I remember seeing him in the video where he is playing the guitar with the bow (like from a cello or violin). I will research tho and get back to you on who else there were.
  4. mindbender

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    Sounds like a freekin mystery. Better call Scooby Doo.

    I don't even know the top two you mentioned.
  5. emttoni

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    On the site I found, all the guitarists were: Bernie Marsden, Micky Moody, John Sykes, Adrian Vandenburg, Vivian Campbell, Steve Vai, Mel Galley, Rudy Sarzo, Warren DeMartini, and the current two Doug Aldrich Reb Beach.

    I know Steve Vai played with David Van Halen, and Warren DeMartini was with Ratt. THe other people I remember over the years but cant quite placee where from.

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  6. Luxuria

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    Emttoni got the names right. I loooooooooooove 80's hair bands! I get it from an older cousin of mine (I'm only 22) he and I go to alot of 80's concerts. Poison, Whitesnake, Scorpions, etc. My hubby even quoted lines from When I See You Smile by Bad English in his toast at our wedding. That is one of my favourite power ballads.

  7. mindbender

    mindbender New Member

    You are fantastic, All those guys? damn, Waren from ratt. vivian, Adrian, All that's left is Eddy VanHalen, (just kidding) Did you see my profile drawing? HEY! most importantly. Do you use AOL radio? AOL is free now. You can search AOL.com and use their services. See if you can get their xm radio, look up metal and in that you can find Hair bands and listen while your on line. Dokken, lots of it, Ratt, so on That is what relieves pain!
  8. mindbender

    mindbender New Member

    Please don't stop with all this, mabye I, or we, can keep bumping this and find all sorts of info, and people.

    This is one of my favorite passions. In fact, I blame these guys for saving my life.

    70s rock (dinosaur rockers)were all the radio stations would play, even through the 80s, they ignored the 80s Heavy Metal. Slowly through the 90s they started realising, this is what people really liked.

    Now they play it, 20 some yrs later and dub it 80s Hair Bands.

    Anyway I'll check back tomorrow.

    Thank tou girls. my real name is Dan.
  9. emttoni

    emttoni New Member

    WHen I was going out and drinking on Fridays and Saturdays (you know back when I was able to go for days and not drop and it didnt bother me - now it would kill me!) and when I lived in Phoenix my friends and I used to party at a bar there that Dokken hung out at. Wild Man Mick Brown used to go on stage and play the drums with the bands that were there for the weekend.

    A while back I gave away almost all of my cassettes of my hair bands because it hurt me physically to listn to them. It broke my heart to do this because I lived for the music. I still kept some of the cassettes and listen to them once in a while, it doesnt hurt now to listen to them. Dont know why. I have been trying to get all those back but on cd's now, asking for them for birthdays, xmas, etc. Yard sales and pawn shops are good places to get them too. One day I may have my collection back again!

    Until then --- Rock On! Long live Hair!!
  10. mindbender

    mindbender New Member

    during a freak religious accident. They wanted to get all the evil out of our house. they meant well, even if they were a cult. I thought I knew info about the 80s bands but it sounds like you know much more. That's great. Mabye if I bump this, this morning, being Saturday. We'll find even more people who know things. It's worth a try.

  11. emttoni

    emttoni New Member

    Hey Dan - do they still have that radio station WMMS in Cleveland? "The Home of the Buzzard"? We have a station here in NE WA that also calls itself The Buzzard too. I just started listening to them this last year and they are pretty good.

    Have you seen that show with Ted Nugent and Sebastian Bach on it? They are strying to put a new band together and in my opnion they are all so full of themselves they arent going to get very far!
  12. mindbender

    mindbender New Member

    I listen to 93.3. They play everything from dinosaur rock, some blues, and much hair bands. Plus like I mentioned about Aol, XM, when I'm on line. I am in Salem, which is below Youngstown. I am very interrested in this subject, and hope by constant replies we can hear from others who know about Hairbands and related topics.

    That would be great. I like, of course, Sebastian, and Ted Nugent. They Rock. Usually when guys like them get together, they come out w/ something, and then split,(part ways). Sebastian likes to fight I beleive, but he's getting older like us. Didn't Bon Jovi Find Skid Row? (Bon Jovi is from Youngstown.) Your closer to the west coast aren't you? You are probably over flowing w/ information. No? I like Heavy stuff, and don't care for any ballads. Unless they don't cary the same old tired beat. Like Great White "Rock Me". Any ways I think We can go on w/ this for ever.

    Thanks, Dan
    ps. What ever happened to Wasp?
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  13. mindbender

    mindbender New Member

    Is it getting to old, or does anyone else have information that you would like to share? Not on White Snake necessarily, The fact that these musicians and singers played in each others bands. Like; Dio, Deep Purple, Black Sabbith, Ozzy, Qiot Riot, White Snake,and so on. My memory is really whacked today and last night. I hope it is temporary.
  14. emttoni

    emttoni New Member

    At Waspnation and found out they are back out on tour again. All the dates so far were for over seas but maybe coming to the states soon.

    On the Don Dokken site the said theywere touring over seas also, and down in Mexico. Wish they were touring here. They were in town here a while back and I was too sick to go then but feeling better now and ready to rock and roll again. (It will probably half kill me but if I dont go I wont know!).

    It is funny how all these guys went from one band to the other. Maybe cause a lot of it sounded the same so whats wrong with going with someone else. IT was confusing there tho trying to keep up with them. One day they were with one band then the next day on MTV hear they quit or got fired and were with someone else. Oh well, it was a job I guess.
  15. mindbender

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    I can bearly get through the boards before I'm late for something else.
    Thanks for that on Wasp. I had a small cassette player, (portable) back then w/ earphones, and I would blast Wasp so loud. Dangerous I know but I loved it. I blame them for my Fibro. Ok, not really.
    It was possible for them to rattle my cage enough to be to blame.

    You have got to check out XM radio on AOL. You can access AOL even even if you have another IP. Under metal, or heavy, then Hair bands. Lots of Dokken, and some you forgot. I can do w/out the Poison.

    I've got a new one, Mega Deth. I had no idea Dave Mustain Hired and fired so many band members, and still kept the Mega Deth sound. Always so perfectly timed, always kept perfect time, and HEAVY. I love it.

    My question is this (and I dont think you can look this up), In the early days of Metalica, Was that Dave Mustains infuence, lyrics, and music?
    Metalicas sound seemed to change after Master Of Puppets.(seems like they ran out of the good stuff)

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