OT Worried about FM friend, husband died

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Bambi, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. Bambi

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    A woman I met in an old FM support room and have kept up with through email lives in Florida. She sent me an email this morning that her husband died after midnight last night. He was not yet 60 and neither is she, but he had bad liver problems.

    She JUST got her disability a few months ago after a LONG wait and many problems and then had to move out of their apt they had been in for years as it was being changed to a condo.

    She has been terribly depressed due to problems I really can't go into but right now she has NO one to be there with her or help her out. Her husband's sister has the ability to help her and did a little in the past, so I am hoping she will now. But it's no guarantee now that her husband is dead.

    She is afraid she will have to go into HUD housing and lose her pets on top of everything else. I am just soooo sorry for her and feel so badly for her. There isn't a thing I can do but try to be supportive. I did write her an email right back but haven't heard from her again yet. She does have friends in a prayer group online so I'm hoping she's
    talking with some of them.

    This sort of thing surely throws it in all our faces who are married and don't have a network of in person friends! My husband is 59 now and has Diabetes 2 and other serious health problems. He's overworked, tired, not well but has to work out in the Phoenix sun all day (112 degrees yesterday or Friday!). I worry about him all the time! All my network of friends that lived here died in 1997 when my mother died. I have my daughter here but she has FM too and has already said she would not take care of me if her dad
    ever died before I did.

    So I think I feel my friend's pain so hard as I know what position I'd be in if I lost my husband. It makes all the problems you have seem small in comparison for sure. I hope all that pray will pray for my friend. She needs it so
    badly right now and from now on!! Bambi
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    This is my first post on here .....

    Sorry to hear about your friend, where in Florida is she?

  3. earthdog2000

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    Dear Bambi,
    I'm so very sorry about your friend! You're right, it really does make us all think about what if?
    I live in Nevada or I would help. Maybe there is someone on this message board who lives close to her and could help or knows someone who could?
    I will pray for your dear friend,
    Hugs to her, Julie ( Earthdog )
  4. Bambi

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    I can't for the life of me remember where in Florida she lives. Clearwater comes to mind but it could be totally wrong. I asked her to send me her address and phone number. She has in the past and I've never managed to get it down in my book. I write things on scraps of paper and then lose them. DUH! She's such a sweet person and I would have called at once this morning but it makes me so angry at myself that I never DID get it written down. I hope she sends her info.

    Thank you for the responses. YOu are very kind. I will post what I find out.

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