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  1. I have watched Y & R since it started, but cannot remember for the life of me, is Shelia or Lauren the mother of Lauren's son Scott? I remembered she tried to kidnap or switch them? But who is the actual mother of Scott? I suppose since she has him sent off to schools most of his life it is Shelia?
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    I wasn't watching the show when all this stuff was happening, but what I've been able to piece together from various websites is that Scott is Lauren's son. Apparently Sheila switched babies with Lauren. When the baby Lauren thought was hers got sick and died, she found out that she couldn't possibly be his biological mother. Sheila was raising Scott as hers, and somehow Lauren got him back. I'm sure it's even more complicated than that, but that's my understanding in a nutshell.
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    lauren is scott's mother. Lauren has tried to keep him hidden from sheila, but now sheila has escaped prison yet again, and has found scott and befriended him. It will be interesting to see what happens next.
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    "Nikki" has interstitial cystitis (sp)? Suz saw it on a news spot,then found it later on a website. Daneen

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