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    If you are tender hearted you may not want to read further!

    I have a very tender heart!

    Things have been a little rough the past couple of weeks for me but for the most part I think I was doing pretty well.

    I have been nursing a cold (yes a cold in the summer!) and yesterday I was feeling just kind of icky but better.

    I decided I was well enough to go through the pile of mail I had put off for the past week and do my bills.

    Well in the pile was another plead for money from the Humane Society.

    Now keep in mind I send the Humane Society money SEVERAL times a year!

    So I open the letter to see which box I can afford to pick this time.

    Well in this envelope there was a picture of a dog. It was a really pretty dog but I noticed something was different about him.

    I just sat there looking at the dog because it didn't quite register what was wrong.

    Luco was the dogs name.

    Well Luco was missing eyes.

    My stomach turned. I immediately felt so bad for this dog and pulled out the pamphlet that came with the donation card.

    In the letter it explained that Luco had gone missing and after several days of his owners being heart broken finally one day at dusk they saw him barely walking up their yard.

    They rushed to his aid only to find him dragging his head.

    They picked up his head and his face was all bloody.

    **I won't put the other details that were extremely emotionally stressful in this post that were written in the pamphlet.**

    Anyway, the letter concludes that after careful examination Luco had been abused by humans and lost both his eyes.

    He is now fine but the Humane Society desperately needed my donation to help animals like Luco with their justice.

    Well let me tell you!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so angry! I am so stressed! My stress level shot through the roof!!!!!!!

    I was already experiencing some body aches because of the cold but my body pain because of the stress and clenching is outrageous!!!!!!!!!

    I actually have been calling the Humane Society Headquarter's in Washington, DC and I WILL talk to someone! I will NOT stop until SOMEONE answers that phone!!!!!!


    I am so angry and upset. I don't need to read things like that!

    I have read many heart breaking stories but I have never read anything like I read yesterday. It was completely uncalled for.

    I understand that things like this really do happen in this world and it is sad and unfortunate but I as a citizen already do what I can to help as much as I can.

    And believe me it is more then sending in a check a couple of times a year!

    I volunteer for a no kill animal shelter. Anytime I see a homeless animal I do everything I can to save it.

    Heck I even crawled under a crack house once to save some pitbull puppies! SERIOUSLY!

    These organizations prey on individuals with softs hearts like you and I and it is ridiculous!

    Thank you for listening to me. I needed to get this anger out and I appreciate you letting me do so.



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    I would be the same as you are. I would be so upset for this poor animal and the people that are using him to get to your money. I dont understand people. Some of us FM's are super sensitive to issues. I know I am and take it so hard when I cant do anything to make a situation I feel strongly about better.
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    I got the same mailing. I gave them money until recently when I've been working a lot less and just don't have it and of course now get requests quite often.

    It was so upsetting to read about that puppy - I couldn't shake the upset feeling for awhile, so I understand your reaction completely.

    I think it's sad that there is a need for so many of these organizations but it's worse that they feel the need to be so extreme in their begging for assistance.

    Good luck in getting through to someone about this.

  4. ckball

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    Was this North Shore Animal League?

    You know if they would put the initial donations into actually helping the animals instead of killing trees to print such propraganda to prey on us animal lovers it would be much more benefical.

    It seems the more you donate the more they ask. Since you help at a no kill shelter and donate money already I would not feel obligated to donate again after this mailing.

    Is there a website you can go to? I understand how upset your are but when you do reach a human realize it was not that persons idea to do this.

    So chewing someone out that happens to answer the phone will not help

    We do not need to stress ourselves anymore than we already are. So take a big deep breath and gently let it go.

    If you really want to make a impact, write a letter to the board of directors stating as long as they continue use these tatics to get donations, you will donate to some other cause that needs it more.

    They obiviouly have more money than sense or they wouldn't do this.

    Ok I will get off my soap box- my 2 cents- Carla

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