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  1. ontariogirl

    ontariogirl New Member

    Does anyone here own this breed of dog?

    We will be getting our puppy next week and since I've never been around them before was wondering it there is anything in their temperment or physical makeup I should be aware of.

    I want to make training less stressful for both of us so any suggestions for that would be very helpful too.

  2. gongee

    gongee New Member

    I have owned a total of 4 daschunds. They are very loving and mainly a lap dog.

    The one I have now is a black minature named Cosmo. A few days after having to put my 16 yr old beagle to sleep, my vet called and asked if I would be interested in taking in a daschund that had been abused.

    At first I was reluctant after just losing my best friend, but I decided that I might could give this little fellow the home and loved he deserved.

    I can't say that it was easy the first few months because he was so afraid of everything. Know wonder after having his tail broken in 10 places and contusions on his little body from being kicked.

    For 3 weeks, he stayed under the bed even to eat. I would have to physically pull him out to put him outside to go to the bathroom. Ever so slowly, he began to emerge out, but if you would go to quickly pick him up, he would lie on his back and wet on you. I guess he thought he still needed to defend himself. His only fear now is thunderstorms.

    Today, after 3 years of continuous caring and love, he is what I call my baby. He follows me everywhere, stays close to my side, sleeps with me, is great with the grandchildren and just loves to play and run with our new addition, Jasmine. She is a minature Jack Russell. Talking about two opposite breeds.

    I honestly don't think you could ever go wrong having a daschund. Good Luck and if you do acquire one, I look forward to seeing a post on how much you are enjoying this breed.
  3. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    I have two Daschund one is Prince age 4 and his sister Belle age 4 also. They are very good Dogs but both have very different personalities.

    Prince is very proper and a little temperamental at times. He also seems to be more laid back.

    Belle on the other hand is very hyper ,overly friendly and always looking to get into trouble.

    Their bread are diggers and when we first got them they kept digging under the fence to get out. She is quite smaller then he is and got out and took off up to the neighbors. Well Prince couldn't fit under the fence so he came to my back door to tell on his sister. LOL He stayed there barking until I realized she was gone and went to find her. It was really like big brother ,little sister sooo funny.

    They are very good dogs and mine are good around children but a little nervous .I'd be careful that they could nip at a child. Depends on the dog .Prince would nip but Belle would lick somebody to death.

    They are usually attached to a one person but mine like both my husband and I .They will compete for our attention.Just like kids do.

    I've had Daschund's sence I was a kid and I love this bread.They have been very healthy .I think some can get spine problems as they grow old.

    I hope this helps and I hope you fall in love with your's like we have ours .Have Fun

  4. Cinlou

    Cinlou New Member

    I have had two miniture daschund... My first sweet little Greta Garbone von Hund, was papered. She was a sweetheart, liked adults(most of them) but did not care for children very much. She was a one woman dog.

    Now, the little guy I have now he is just a lover, would not hurt a flea, likes everyone. Our house cat plays so rough with him, he runs and hides, will not get angry and nip back.....As a breed these are great dogs that will give you alot of love in return....I think once an owner of a doxy you will always be an owner of one..

  5. dani78xo

    dani78xo New Member

    dachshunds kindof run in our family =].

    most of them are fun loving, good tempered dogs. a few, though, can be a little snippy. and because of their size, they tend to overcompensate by showing other dogs that they're the boss.

    for the most part, dachshunds are very easy to train. they're not stubborn at all, but sometimes they aren't too bright in terms of learning.

    basically the only precaution is just that their backs ARE very sensitive, so you have to be careful when you're playing with them or walking them {it's best to get a harness, it's less stress on their spine.}

    when dachshunds get older it's very common for them to have slipped disks and other back problems, but it's kindof a given with their physical makeup.

    and alot of dachshunds bark at noises. every dachshund i've seen or had has done it, and their real bark doesn't really come until they're about 11-16 months old.

    luckily the dachshund that i have right now is very humorous, and sheknows she's not supposed to bark in the apartment, so what she does is keep her mouth closed while she barks, so it's more of a grunt or a moan than a real bark.

    dachshunds are my favorite breed, though =].
    and they're adorable as puppies.

    do you know what it looks like? and if it's a dapple {kindof like different colored dots} or a solid color?

    i love the dapples, they're so pretty.

    i hope everything goes well.

  6. doxielover70

    doxielover70 New Member

    Best breed ever! They are very comical and intelligent. Being from the hound group they are stubborn and sometimes can be hard to potty train. You probably should enroll your puppy in some type of puppy training classes. And it is really important to socialzie your new puppy. Puppy play classes are a great way to do that. Can't wait to see some pictures of your new puppy.
  7. Jamarz

    Jamarz New Member

    I agree with all the proud owners of doxies. I have 2 minis: Phoebe age 7 and Joey age 4. They can be hard to house train but I have managed to train mine to use those "home alone pads" that have the urine pheremone and they use those if I am gone all day.

    Very loyal and true blue lap dogs. Mine have shorthair and I take them to the groomer every month to have their nails filed and anal sacs emptied. Those are also problems with doxies. I live in a rural area so when we go for walks, they walk on pine needles, dirt and grass not concrete so their nails tend to grow really long. They need to have them kept trim or else that too will cause back problems.

    My female loves to have people feel sorry for her. "Oh poor me". She has the cutest look and her eyes are so expressive. Joey is a happy go lucky male who is as sweet as he can be. They keep me company and they also comfort me a great deal when I am down. Their antics make me laugh and laughter is the best medicine.

    Welcome to the world of the doxies-they are the BEST.
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  8. ontariogirl

    ontariogirl New Member

    for all the replies.

    I was just feeling a little nervous about getting this breed cause I'd never had any exposure to them.

    I had a toy fox terrier before and she became the love of my life. We had to have her put down in May due to congestive heart failure and I've been very lonely without her.

    The pup we are getting is a black & tan mini male and is so adorable. Has extremely sharp teeth as he latched on to my ear lobe when I was holding him.

    I guess I'm just a bit scared to be back in the "puppy" stage.
    Our other dog was just so easy to train and seemed more human than dog in her mannerisms. She was 10 when the heart failure got really bad.

    I just have to remind myself that love and patience will win out.

    Thank you all for the advice and for calming my fears.
    Will try to get DH to post a picture when we get him (haven't come up with a name yet).


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