OTAre adult phobias related to childhood punishments?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Adl123, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    The other day I was remembering some of my childhood experiences, and I wondered if the way I was punished could have contributed to my acraphobia.

    When I was 3, I was too active for my parents, , and they used to set me up on the fridge, to get me out of the way. I remember being scared, and trying to tell myself that I wasn't .

    I wonder if that is the reason my knees turn to jello when I'm up high, and I can't even climb a 6 foot ladder comfortably?

    Any ideas?

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  2. Cromwell

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    Probably. Fearful experiences we are subjected to in childhood often become phobias. Even movies we see can affect us greatly. Poor you, I hope they only left you there for seconds, but probably not huh?

    Love Anne Cromwell
  3. justjanelle

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    For example, I've always been very, very afraid of fire. I'm over 40 and still can't light a match unless it's one of the long wooden ones made for fireplaces. But I was never in a fire, around a fire or even burned as a child.

    Sometimes fears are just irrational.

    But I'm so sorry for your horrible experiences -- I certainly agree that being terrified like that in childhood is bound to have long-term consequences.

    Best wishes,
  4. tansy

    tansy New Member

    Extract from "Phobias: Things that Go Bump in the Mind"
    by Nana Dawson-Andoh

    **Some researchers have attributed this to a predilection or preparedness inherited from ancient ancestors. Early humans possessed an excellent fear and flight response that helped protect them from hazards such as snakebites, falls from large heights, and being trapped in close spaces. Those who possessed the ability to sense and evade danger were most likely to reproduce and ensure the survival of the human species. This predisposition has been passed down genetically through the ages and has manifested itself in modern day phobias. Other researchers put heavy emphasis on the role of culture in development of phobias and argue that childhood experiences establish early on the belief that certain objects or situations that can be fearful.**

  5. tracii

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    I remember as a young child (young enough for my older brother & I to bathe together) my mother would take one of the wooden scrub brushes (the kind you got on you hands & knees to scrub the floors) to us if she felt we hadn't cleaned ourselves to her liking.

    I now am SO obessive about hygiene, germs, etc. Constantly washing my hands, lysol-ing door handles & faucets, etc., will not eat something if someone who does not wash hands regularly has eaten out of (cut fruit, etc.).

    I've always worn out regular bath scrub brushes. I'm getting more & more like Monk everyday! (Probably because we've been staying with her until our move out of state).

    I also never want to get rid of clothes unless I can replace them - mom took all of my clothes & burnt them on the front lawn 'cause I said "I have nothing to wear".

    I could go on! LOL!

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