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    i am so sick of finding, interviewing, hiring , training, scheduling, and firing personal care attendants for my daughter.....

    get this, today the pca called to ask if she could get off early ...she has lots of homework....i said no, that i had to take my son to church for 1st communion class....i needed her to stay with my dd....she said ok...then called back to say that she would work a few hours before or just during the time i had to be gone...we are talking an extra hour and half...

    she has had this past two weekends off...per her request...she didn't work yesterday ...she doesn't work tomorrow...she gets everything off that she asks for...she works 3 hours a day 3 times a week...she gets $11.69 per hour...she is 20 years old....she asks for time off when she knows that i won't have anyone to fill in....so, i fired her...i think that she figured i would do what ever she demanded...

    she said that school comes first...i reminded her that she made a committment to us to work shen she was scheduled...and that she takes plenty of time off and gets it off whenever she asks...

    what a spoiled brat! can you believe how some kids behave these days? she had an easy job with great pay! that worked around her school schedule! amazing! she threw this away for 90 minutes of extra study time...oh, we let her do her homework at work, too!

    I just had to vent....thanks for listening...
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    Unfortunately, she has probably led a very pampered life.

    I'm of the opinion that many well-meaning parents want to give their children a better life than they had growing up - so much so that they overdo the "let a kid just be a kid" and upon reaching adulthood, these "the world revolves around me" kids whose parents indulged in any and all whims have NO IDEA what a "work-ethic" is, nevermind personal responsibility and accountablity.

    Those of us who had to graduate from the "school of hard knocks" rather than "princess academy" can get especially frustrated.

    I depended on my jobs when I was in college - I didn't have any other options - so I had a vested interest in arriving on time, working as scheduled, etc.

    My senior year in college I worked and lived off-campus to save more money and get ready to go out into the world after graduation (without moving back home). I gave up a number of once-in-a-lifetime "Senior Activities" because I made a committment to the family that hired me to work and be available for 9 months in exchange for room and board and a stipend.

    I hope you'll be able to find a better PCA. Do you have any nursing schools in your area? My school used to have a job book in the Student Aid office. People who lived in the area could come in and post for needed help and the school would try to match up the students and their employers.

    I know from experience in my own family how stressful it is to be a full time caregiver for someone who is disabled. The "respite care" a PCA provides becomes a critical lifeline just to get that little time away that makes you a better caregiver to your daughter.

    Hope you find someone who has respect for the position.

    Madame Curie

    P.S. - I love pink too!

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    Young,adult,it does not matter! They either don't want to wonk,only want to work when they want to work,or are not able to do simple tasks required to run a household when they arrive. I feel for you and can't tell you how it wears me out to train them,get my pets used to them and then they only last a few months.

    One only stayed 2 days,and she WAS a friend of mine that relocated to take the job (boyfriend problems). Daneen
  4. Bambi

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    get. We are required to pay their Social Security, Workman's Comp, take out taxes..the whole thing. If we don't we can get slammed big time. Not that it was right, but my SIL used to get the illegal immigrant girls in for $20 a week and food and room+ all utilities. Now even they charge $150 a week plus all of the above, vacation paid and sick leave. My SIL would keep them until they'd meet some American guy and get married and then get another one. That was quite a few years ago, and now that she needs help (FM and several bad things) she can't afford
    them or anyone any more. She's widowed now and scraping.

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