Other Reasons That REEVES May Have Moved To A New Position - Think About it

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by puggles, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. puggles

    puggles New Member

    Found this on Cort Johnson's site and thought it was insightful. Made me think that maybe Reeves move was not a WIN for us but something else altogether.

    "I too was thrilled by the news that Reeves was moved out of the CDC/CFS shop. But, after several days of thinking this one over I believe that there may be a number of other reasons that Reeves moved out of the shop that had nothing to do with us CFIDS people and our 20 year battles against the Force of Evil (and stupidity). Think about the following possible reasons for Reeves move to a new position:

    - Reeves may have asked to be moved because he was sick to death of being personally attacked and ridiculed constantly,

    - Reeves may have asked to be moved to a less demanding position because either he or one of his family members is sick and he needs to reduce time and stress,

    - Reeves may have asked to be moved since he wants to retire and this would be a step down and closer to full retirement with the possibility of consulting part-time back to the CDC (or ABT Associates or Emory University Medical School/Pscyh Department - MIND-BODY Program)

    - The CDC PR and senior people may have moved Reeves as a Public Relations ruse to placate the CFIDS sick but intend on doing "business as usual", which means we have more of the same but with a new person to fight against,

    - Reeves may have been moved to another department but again, we do not know just how much input and impact he will still have on CFIDS research especially now that he is in the mental health area. It may well be that he can do even more damage to the CFIDS sick from his new perch in the Mental Health position.

    So, although we got rid of Reeves, the DEVIL we did know, we are now looking at the DEVILS we do NOT know. And the DEVIL we do know, William Reeves, may well be in a better position to damage us even more.

    We can not stop watching the CDC, NIH, or the DHHS - not for one minute. A relatively small change like this may mean nothing at all. So we must continue to be on guard and fight them each and every step of the way until there is a true massive positive change at the CDC/CFS and far more funding for research than what has been given in the past. THAT will be the real litmus test of the Reeves departure. Let us see what the CDC and DHHS do. I don't believe that Sebellius signed off on the CFSAC Recommendations yet? At no point has any DHHS Head bothered to read or sign off on those recommendations - not once. So you see, we really do have many more battles to fight.

    Be happy but be very wary of the whole US Federal government health agencies - DHHS, NIH and the CDC. Be very wary."
  2. skeptik2

    skeptik2 Member

    I could not have said it all so concisely, and you are absolutely right.

    I am STILL calling for a Congressional Inquiry (C.I.); we must write our stressed-
    out, worrying-about-the-next-election Representatives in Congress, asking
    for a C.I. of the CDC and Reeves' negligent (to say the least), and possibly
    criminal harm to PWC's right to appropriate testing, diagnoses and treatment.

    Shall we all write Sec. Kathleen Sebilius, DHHS, once again? I think we
    must keep the pressure on, specifically asking her if Reeves will have
    anything at all to do with CFS. If so, we must adamantly refuse to accept
    it and give notice of a C.I. into the entire alphabet of agencies governing

    We are not out of the woods yet. If Reeves intends to hijack XMRV-(neg.)
    patients and continue saying we have mental problems, we will be in
    the same dark forest for another generation.

  3. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Hi - I'm fairly new here and just wondering........who is Reeves?
  4. aftermath

    aftermath New Member

    Dr. William Reeves=former director of CDC's "CFS Research Program" that has engaged in boondoggle after boondoggle w/ no real results.

    As much as I appreciate your analysis, speculating as to the reason why Reeves was dismissed is a waste of our time, as we will likely never know the true reason. Bottom line is that he is gone--and we should be thankful, regardless of reason.

    Reeves is past history. Let's just hope that we do better going forward.
  5. puggles

    puggles New Member

    "As much as I appreciate your analysis, speculating as to the reason why Reeves was dismissed is a waste of our time, as we will likely never know the true reason. Bottom line is that he is gone--and we should be thankful, regardless of reason."

    My speculation on Reeves leaving is in fact important and not because we are curious WHY he moved. We need to know what more he can do from his new position. We need to know if we had any impact on his move (if the CDC is listening to our outrage) OR, if he moved on his own or was moved for reasons having nothing to do with US.

    We can NOT trust the CDC in regards to CFS. And that was really the crux of my post. Just because Reeves has been moved or asked to be moved doesn't mean great change ahead. We don't know what Dr. Unger will do, if she will do the same old thing or if she will make changes. We do NOT know what the CDC will do with CFIDS and research. Funding is down and there are reasons for that.

    So, my speculation on why Reeves is gone is not about gossip but rather motives on the part of the CDC - were they placating us by moving Reeves but he still has impact on us? What changes will happen at the CDC in regards to US. Will the damaging stigma THEY hit us with 30 years ago be knocked down or will we continue to be slammed for being crazy, lazy, having genes that can't handle stress, childhood abuse and all the rest of the foolish "reseach" that Reeves, his associates and his contractors, ABT Associates and Emory University MIND-BODY have put out there that has continued to damage us and make us look weak and NOT physically ill - as we all know we are.

    Now do you understand my post? I am not clear on why I put stuff out there so I hope this clears it up a bit.
  6. skeptik2

    skeptik2 Member

    ...but, as I posted on an untied blog by Khaly, the correct thing for the
    CDC to have done would have been to move CFS to NINDS (neuroimmune diseases), not just appoint an interim director to replace Reeves at the CDC. If the
    XMRV/CFS connection pans out to be causative, it probably will be
    put into NINDS at the NIH.

    I am urging a new Petition like we had requesting Reeves be removed
    from the CFS program. This one should be to Sec. Kathleen Sebilius,
    at DHHS, requesting the move to NINDS with immediate funding to
    continue viral/retroviral work for us. I feel we must keep the pressure
    on, including not allowing Reeves to be involved in anything connected
    to CFS.

    Something I always think about: even though CFS is its own entity,
    ANYONE can get it. Even if you have MS, Post-Polio Syndrome,
    diabetes, congestive heart failure, migraines, interstitial cystitis,
    obesity, bulemia, anexoria, high BP, arthritis, osteoporosis..ADHD,
    Autism, ANYTHING...EVEN depression, situational or major...you
    can still get CFS! So, if Reeves wants to say your CFS is mental,
    caused by an inability to handle stressors, it is proof that he has no
    idea what CFS is or can do to a person...conversely, he does know,
    and after the CDC's CFS program decided to hide these facts, he
    then went ahead and watered down the definition in order to
    prove his own opinions, not the scientific facts.

    We must still be diligent and be alert to every move the DHHS,
    NIH and CDC make. Hopefully, new replication studies of the
    XMRV connection will clarify things, but if not, we still have a
    major problem that only a Congressional Inquiry will resolve.

    That's my convoluted 'take' on the matter...



  7. spacee

    spacee Member

    Before Dr. Reeves was Dr. Stephen Straus of the NIH in charge of CFS (an infectious disease doc). He was one of the first to go along with UK with the CBT thing. (I have met with him in person and he only asked me psychological questions despite the fact that I was being studied
    at the NIH for severe immune abnormalaties (depleted T-cell count).

    There was a write it to have Straus ousted, he was. He was put in charge of CAM Complementary and Alternative Medicine where he was able to give funding to psychiatric departments at medical schools and, yes, include CFS in the studies.

    He died at age of 60 a few years ago but on this death bed still writing the UK's med. journals
    urging the use of CBT (nothing else) to treat CFS.

    Yep, I don't trust them but with the internet more active and the WPI, I have more hope.


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