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    I have been on this board a few months....and was diagnosed with FMS, CFSIDS and some medication intolerance thing.
    I feel my symptoms are worsening....although i cant tolerate heat....could the worsening be due to the change of weather and will it just get worse? last fall/winter...i was bedridden and ill.....thought i was dying. NOw i know whats wrong with me but doesnt make it better.
    i feel nauseaus(i hate this one), dizzy, chronic anxiety, achy body, insomnia/fatigue, vision floaters, brain fog, very irritable..especially with people (prob from lack of sleep).

    ******Anyone have bothersome symptoms besides fatigue and body pain?????
    Anyone test their cortisol and found it high? and if so...anything that can be taken (natural) to reduce that?
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    I would advise you to try to start with getting help with your chronic anxiety this in its self can cause some of the others problems. then work on getting your sleep problems taken care of.

    The weather can make things worse for me or the changeing of weather. I have to learn to adjust to each season when they come.

    I believe in the Mind ,Body and Spirit thing if ones out of tune then everything is out of wack.Start trying to fix what you can and the others may get better.
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    thank you for your reply. its hard for me to fix the anxiety because im intolerant to medications. i have an infant and 3yrs old to care for so my sleep issues seem like something that i will not be able to tackle.
    iwill try though. thank you so much
  4. monicaz49

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    thx so much for your reply. i cant imagine you having this for so long. sometimes i dont know how i can bear it. But thanks for your words of encouragement. I think my anxiety is one of the scarier symptoms..although..i wonder if it is a seperate issue i have.
    Health and Happiness to you!
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    For the Fibro Pain, by far the most effective treatment is something called Pressure Point Massage. No matter what you must find someone near you that can do this for you on a regular basis or learn how to do this yourself!! (I guess this site, I don't have FM but my Accupuncturist/Pressure Point Massagist does)

    For the fatigue/sleep deprivation of the CFIDS, try the Pressure Point Massage along with some sort of relaxation/inner-peace techniques (I know it's hard though) such as meditation, massage, etc.

    For the depleted immune system of the CFIDS, take a good Multivitamin once a day and I also recommend something called Septilin (I'll bet you can find it at this site, or if not google). Otherwise, wash your hands a lot and avoid contagiously-sick people.

    For the depression of all of this, (I know it's hard though) try to find some redeeming quality of life or reason to live.

    Good luck!!


    I just found this. Credit goes to HayleyCole for posting this, and whomever made the original post that HayleyCole was quoting in it(?). It's explaining the Pressure Point/Trigger Point Massage (chances are I have the wrong name and it's called Trigger Point Massage!):

    "Hi peacebaby:

    Here's a copy of one of my standard posts on myofascial pain.

    I can't tell you what a huge difference learning
    trigger point massage has made in my life!!! I'm able to control the pain 90% of the time without pain meds. I truly believe in my case 95% of my pain is/was myofascial.
    It sounds like you have chronic myofascial pain syndrome going on.

    If you aren't familiar with it, it's where the muscles get knots in them that refer pain to other areas of the body. The knots are called trigger points and have to be deactivated with massage.

    I used to have soooo much pain in my legs I couldn't sleep. My feet burned, my Achilles tendons throbbed, had a dull ache in my calves, back of my knees burned, and stabbing pain through my thighs. And that's just the pain in my legs!!! Once I learned trigger point massage, and started doing it, I've been able to keep the trigger points under control and the pain is pretty much gone.

    Look for The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Clair Davies along with either a percussion massager [two-headed], massage balls, Thera-Cane or something similar. I find the percussion massager the easiest as I don't have to worry about finding specific muscles, if it hurts, I massage it.

    True confessions: did have to take half a Flexeril last night as I managed to activate every TP from my ribs on down the other day when I tried a new 'move' on the rebounded. They just weren't going to give up the ghost. Did work them half to death before bed, so between that and the Flexeril, am feeling fine today. Won't be trying that move again!!!

    If you're interested in reading more, check out my profile.

    hope this helps.
    hayley"[This Message was Edited on 10/06/2006]
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