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    This is a new post from my previous one that got really long. I would love to hear from other's on the msg. board about their experiences with bipolar. I really appreciate all of the replies on the other post but feel like I need some "inside" information. I have been having lots of ups and downs and really need some advice. This new dx started after I suffered a breakdown and I am just now starting to learn about it and "deal" with it! At first I did a lot of research on the internet but found that it was depressing me. I figured all of you on this board could help because I value, trust and seem to get so much out of helping others and I know you all do too!

    Thanks so much, I love this board, Julie :)
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    This isn't a depression or bipolar board. Wouldn't you be better served finding a group that is for people who suffer with bipolar as they will have much more insight into your illness than those of us with CFS and FM. About.com have a Bipolar Disorder homepage and forum if you are interested: http dot //bipolar dot about dot com/ .
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    I also have fibro and CFS and am just trying to get some help from fellow bipolar sufferer's on this msg. board.
    Thanks, Julie
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    Hello Julie pleased to meet you
    best bet is to come into the chat rooms many people have multiple diagnosis so just ask what your'd like to know as you probably know we all meet in same room despite diagnosis. i dont have bipolar, i have fibro, but i do have a cousin who has bipolar, think treatments are different depending on what type you have, some choose to take medication others dont, depends on how yours affects you, bit like everything sometimes its personal to you. i understand its not easy, but wishing you all the best and hope to chat to you some point

    best wishes to you

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    Hi Luigi!

    Thanks so much for your reply! I like the idea of going to the chat rooms, did that when I was first dx'd and there is a lot of support on the Fm/CFS one. the only problem I had was in keeping up as it goes so fast! I have been super busy just trying to get my meds right and stabilized. It's so hard to have a new added dx of Bipolar II in addition to FM/CFS, you know? Anyways, I will try the chat tonite when I have more time. Great suggestion, thanks so much!

    See you in the chat rooms soon, I hope
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    My 21 year old niece was diagnosed with bipolar back in september. Her diagnosis came
    after first being diagnosed with depression for a couple of months, because she wouldnt
    talk at all for 3 months. then she did a uturn and started talking non stop and going out
    and not coming back home. she was put on meds and stayed in hospital for a month.
    she seems to be stable somewhat now, has reverted back to her older quiet self except
    she talks when spoken to. says she doesnt feel sad. her activities are limited to
    doing some chores around her house and watching tv.

    doesnt go out. doesnt socialise too much. we are hopng she will be able to join college
    later on. she is continuing to take meds.

    hope this helps.

    god bless
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    Thanks so much for your reply, it really helped! I'm so sorry that your niece has bipolar too........it is soooooo hard to deal with. I am just starting to come out of denial and learn more about it. My meds are finally starting to stabilize me, Thank God! I have Bipolar II and my dr. says it is not near as bad as Bipolar I. I wonder if your neice has Bipolar I or not.

    It sounds like she might. At least I have not gotten super depressed or super manic except when I had my "breakdown" I had help from a good friend who was here at the time and thankfully was not hospitalized. I did go into twice weekly psych visits and once a week counseling and it helped me tremendously! My doctor wanted me to go to outpatient therapy 5 days a week for 5 weeks but at that time I did not know if I was going back to work or not. Now I have filed for disability so between the FMS and CFS and the new dx of Bipolar II , I should get it! My psych has done a lot of disability cases and they all won!

    I am so glad to hear that your niece is getting better! It sounds like she had to overcome a LOT! Maybe she can go to college sometime soon, that would be wonderful! Thanks for sharing her story, it helps to know I am not alone. Do you have FMS and or CFS? Are you still working?

    Thanks again, Faith and Healing, Julie :)
  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Yes prob Bipolar I is what she has because it was pretty serious. psychosis and evrything.
    very difficult to deal with. but we are dealing.

    im so glad you hav the milder form altho i dont discount or underestimate what you go thru.
    i myself am a chronic severe depressive. with bouts when i cannot get up out of bed. ive
    been practising some alternative healing and its helping me some. i do meditation and
    a form of energy healing. i cant take meds. didnt hav success with the ones i tried. of
    course outer circumstances are a great influence on mood and health and so it is with me.
    If something is bothering me in my life then automatically i relapse.

    i dont work. im married an have two grown kids of 22 and 20. would hav loved to work
    but i know its not an option just now with my health. just keeping on top of housework
    takes all i have in terms of energy and motivation. i live in a third world country so
    there is very little help available for mental disorders. there is no psychotherapy to
    speak of. we are on our own. its diffcult trying to be one of the crowd when you have
    a mental disorder. you lose friends you lose opportunities to grow because you cant
    keep up. you become a sort of outcaste. the trick is to accept certain things and
    not have unrealistic expectations. its like a person in a wheel chair who desires to
    go hiking. others are doing it. its the normal thng to do. but not for the wheelchair bound.
    at least not unless he is going to be carried.

    you hve to work at making peace within yourself. discover things which make you happy
    which you can do even while you go about discovering what you can do to make your
    health challebnges better.

    you keep plugging and chippng away trying different things. the trick is to not let up your
    efforts. it would be wonderful if you won disability. this disorder is the pits. and one needs
    all the help one can get.

    Good luck.

    God Bless
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    Hi Spring!

    Thanks for replying back so soon! I am so very sorry to hear that you are dealing with chronic severe depression, that is a very hard illness to overcome. I have had depression issues all of my life and of course the manic issues as well. The only reason I was not dx'd with bipolar before is because I had fibro and CFS and it masked the manic part ( because of the severe fatigue and depression ). Then when I had the breakdown I experienced the manic part pretty intensely until I started coming down from it. Like I said before Thank God my friend was here and helped me through it! I was actually what my dr. called chronically depressed years ago when I got divorced so I know what that feels like.

    I can't believe you manage to handle the depression without meds, that must be a daily struggle. It's good that you are trying some alternative medicine as it really does work for many people. Have you tried acupuncture before? I did it a few times for the fibro pain and it really helped me of course soon after my insurance would not cover it anymore, it figures! I also meditate and read inspirational books, pray and journal about an hour before I go to bed each night and it helps me in so many ways. It helps me go to sleep easier, helps me with my depression and even when I feel anxious, panicky or nervous. Unfortunately even though I do take a lot of vitamens and supplements I still take many prescribed drugs. When I am much more stable my plan is to wean off of each med and do alternative healing only.

    I can't imagine what it would be like to not be able to see my psychiatrist or go to counseling anymore. I feel very fortunate to have great doctors who have helped me so much for many years! Where do you live? I am so sorry that you can't see a counselor or psychiatrist, here in the USA just about every one with insurance can go when they need to. I hope that your husband is supportive of you and that your children help and understand. I also have kids, ages 20,26,29 and 30. I also have a 5-year old grandson who is the light of my life. He brings me much joy and has really helped me to be more positive and feel normal because he loves me unconditionally and is so much fun to be with! My husband is very supportive and understanding too! I don't know what I would do without him!

    Thanks again for your reply, you take care of yourself and the depression. Like you said, we must make peace with ourselves and discover what makes us happy and never give up. I believe the same and try to stay as positive as I can. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now and the light is getting brighter!

    Faith, Peace and Healing, Julie
  11. pastorwife

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    I was diagnosed w/bipolar type II (almost entirely depression). Now when I have a few good days and feel like my life is getting on track, like maybe I could go back to work, etc., I wonder if I'm just having a manic episode. Or, is it really that my Fibro is doing better? Just never know for sure. I can't take any of the meds due to side-effects...including Lithium and Lamictal.
  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    pastorwife - i can empathise with your situation re work. I would love to commit to something
    like a volunteering job;but terrified that i will let people down because an episode where i dont
    feel well enuf to cope, will come in the way. Those happen often enough that it prevents me
    from taking that step and joining somewhere. I wish you luck. I have improved a great deal
    in the last few months, i havent had an attack where i had to stay in bed past seven am. and
    this gives me great hope; it used to be that i lay in bed till 9 or ten and then would get up for
    half an hour and be confined to bed again for rest of the day with aches and pains and utterly
    heavy feeling weighing down mind, body and soul.

    earthdog - i dont have fibro as i gather from what i read here on this board. I dont have that
    searing unbearable pain which doesnt let up. rather its a sort of niggling annoyng ache in
    the back, shoulders and legs and the feeling of every movement being one of wading thru
    thick heavy mud. the mind slows down, motivation to do anything even brush my teeth
    is nil, exhaustion as though i have done hard labour for severaldays straight and a feeling of
    sadness dominates every moment. this is me when i hve a severe episode.

    luckily im not like that all the time. i can just about do a chore for half an hour and then
    have to rest. then take it up again and then rest. i space errands when i go out because
    if i take on too much, i know i will crash.

    this deadly tiredness and fatigue popped up around 2004. when the crash feels like my
    every cell is oxygen deprived. I dont knw what brought it on. before that i was always
    weak and underweight but i was able to lead a somewhat normal life.

    it could be the accumulation of severe stress and the body not being able to take it any

    yes, my husband is probably one of the best i could have for suffering this kind of disorder.
    he has learnt a bit about depression and does not scold when i find myself incapacitated.

    my kids too. but then kids are accepting. for me im their mum no matter what happens.
    they kind of joke about my depression and sleeping habits.

    i live in a country close to India. here this disorder is still not talked about. its kind of
    like a stigma to have it. but the people are slowly opening up. there are articles about it.
    maybe because of the rampant use of drugs among younger people as a mechanism of
    coping with mental illness and pressure in the absence of any other sort of help.

    take care

    god bless

  13. earthdog2000

    earthdog2000 Member

    Thanks so much for your reply! Sorry it took me so long to respond, I had a very long day and did'nt get home until after 5! I am so glad to hear from someone else with bipolar II disorder. I am still pretty new at this and any and all advice or info is very helpful. I am so sorry to hear that you suffer from mostly the depression part. Depression in itself is so very hard to deal with but with bipolar it is magnified!

    I just applied for disability and am already wondering if I made a mistake because I have manic days when I feel like I could still handle it. Then I have days when I'm depressed and know that it is not possible. I think that maybe you are just having manic episodes when you feel like you can work but do not know enough about this disease to say for sure. I do know that the fibro doesn't just get "better" that quickly.

    I am taking Lamictal and Abilify for the bipolar and it has already helped me to feel somewhat leveled out already. It's too bad that you can't take meds for it but maybe you could take some supplements or herbs. If you have a doctor who knows much about holistic medicine I would definetly ask him or her!

    Thanks again for your reply and I hope your depression gets better and you can get a supplement that will help.

    Faith and Comfort, Julie

  14. earthdog2000

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    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I did'nt get home until after 5 p.m. today! It was a very long day but very enjoyable. My sister and I went shopping for Father's Day presents and ended up going out to lunch then a couple more stores to shop for ourselves. I had money left over from my birthday which was last month and needed a new bathing suit. My very generous sister ended up buying me a really cute bathing suit and some really nice bras so I got to save my B-Day money!

    I am so sorry to hear that in your country there is no help for psychiatric illnesses or much understanding of these diseases we suffer from. I can't imagine how very hard that must be for you! It does sound like you have some good days too at least. It does however sound like you may have fibro from what you said about what your body feels like. The extreme fatigue and foggyness sounds a bit like fibro too. Have you ever asked your doctor about being tested for fibro? It's very easy to diagnose especially by a rheumetologist or pain specialist if you have those type of doctors where you live.

    You are very fortunate to have an understanding husband and kids who accept you just the way you are! I will pray for you and those where you live that the awareness level of mental illnesses will soon be more readily accepted and recognized. It is so true that people esp. younger ones use drugs to mask their illnesses and it is very sad.

    I just recieved the package from disability today and it has a ton of pages to fill out including ones for my doctors to fill out, my supervisor and Human Resources. My doctors will also need to compile many years of notes, dx's and write statements that I am no longer medically or mentally able to work any more. Wow, just thinking about it makes me tired. It will probably take at least a week or two to get all the info needed to mail back to the disability office. Luckily it is only about 30 miles from my home so that should help speed up the process.

    Thanks again for your replies and I look forward to hearing from you soon,
    Faith and Peace, Julie
    P.S. I am so sorry that your niece probably does have Bipolar I as it is a lot more complex and disabling than Bipolar II, I will say a prayer for her as well.[This Message was Edited on 06/18/2011]
  15. pastorwife

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    I was on Lithium for about 7 years but had such bad tremors. I was on Lamictal also for about for about 10 years but also had to come off of that. I am allergic to SSRI's. They just tried Abilify and I got horribly sick within 1/2 hour for 24 hours. Last Sat they tried Lyrica as a last resort and my legs gave out Thurs and then yesterday it felt like my muscles were being torn apart so doc had me stop taking it.

    I do think it's the bipolar making feel good enough to work when logically, what can I do if I need to take off days/week at a time and take naps during the day? I was diagnosed in 1998 with major chronic depression and then bipolar/fibro around 2002.
  16. springwater

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    recently watched a tv program on Bipolar disease

    a panel of three psychiatrists...at the end, the doctor said 80% of patients are able
    to lead normal lives, hold jobs, if they take keep in touch with their doctors.

    very encouraging stats.

    God Bless
  17. earthdog2000

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    Thank you for your reply! I am happy to hear that the statistics are that good for those of us who suffer with bipolar! I will always keep in touch with my psychiatrist as I have been seeing him for 10 years and he is a wonderful person. I always feel safe and comfortable with him and can talk to him about everything. He always takes extra time for me if I need it. Right now he is helping me with my disability case and feels very strongly that I will not have a problem getting approved!

    It's funny that you just posted because I was researching bipolar on the web just now! I am looking for something I can print out for my husband, family and friends to explain this illness to them in a simple way. I'm hoping to find something that also explains to them what I need and don't need from them. I sometimes feel like I'm being put under a microscope from a few family members and want them to treat me like I am still the same person, you know?

    Anyways , thank you for your reply, it made me feel better,
    Faith, Hope and Hugs, Julie

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