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  1. cmt49829

    cmt49829 New Member

    I came across this poem, I was in tears reading it...
    someone DOES see our pain...

    ~Hear the peaceful quiet
    Of the night that falls with ease
    Remember this sweet beauty
    As you close your eyes appeased
    For someone out there tries to hear
    This very special sound
    But pain and hurt is in their soul
    Their peace cannot be found
    They suffer with such dignity
    They take all pain in stride
    They offer it for something else
    This pain so deep inside
    What special gifts they offer
    With their body wracked with pain
    They continue to go on
    In silence there's no blame
    What very special souls these are
    That suffer day by day
    Never do complain about
    Misfortune in their way
    I think about them every day
    I say a prayer or two
    That when the night does fall
    They can feel the peace I do
    For they are so deserving of a night
    That's filled with peace
    A night where they can sleep through
    With laughter in the rain
    Just one night that they can feel
    The peace without a pain
    So pray for all these people
    Who have so much strength in love
    I hope they feel the comfort from
    The heaven high above
    May an angel sit beside them
    To brush their furrowed brow
    May she kiss away their hurt
    Hold them very closely now
    For although they suffer daily
    They are eagles high in flight
    Showing us with dignity how
    hard they need to fight..

  2. owowow

    owowow New Member

    & I'm very thankful to them. I cried when I read the poem, too. Thanks for sharing. So glad we all have each other on this site. Gain no pain...........Barb
  3. jmq

    jmq New Member

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I missed the post earlier. Glad I looked further and found yours.

  4. joeb7th

    joeb7th New Member

    Isn't it sad that "we" know how much pain we are in, that we know we aren't exaggerating it, yet we are always having to defend ourselves to doctors and others who for some unbelievable reason either don't believe us, or dismiss or down play this or think we are kooks?

    This is the weirdest sad disease in America.

    We know it's real and torturous at times, yet it is so unacknowledged and on top of it you are somewhat labeled as a psych problem when you get it.

    Add up those two sad dynamics and what do you have? a living nightmare.
  5. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    I had tears in my eye's as I read this poem. How some one understands that each day for us is filled with pain. Who ever wrote this touching poem must have someone close to them who sliently suffers with this DD. I felt a connection with this person and I was so touched to know that some one some where understands the way we feel.

    I so wish that my own family felt the way this author does. Thanks for sharing this
  6. cmt49829

    cmt49829 New Member

    typing exactly how "I" feel.
    I always thought I was alone. I thought I was being a baby, or I was just being lazy and feeling sorry for myself..
    it brings tears od sadness & of relief to read your replies.
  7. pika

    pika New Member

    love the poem.

    i agree. it IS sad. but i am SO thankful to live in the age of internet, Immune Support, and being able to "hang out" with people just like me...

    sad that there are a LOT of us, but GLAD progress is being made! (Pain has a voice and ours, united, WILL BE HEARD! c.noguchi)

    thank you so much for sharing that.

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