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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TxMissy, Feb 20, 2009.

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    Hey all.... I was wondering what others do for pain & weakness when you are sensitive to the majority of meds they have for fibro, etc... I am super sensitive to 99.9% of the med's they have given me, like: lyrica, mobic, ultram, sulfasalazin, etc... Over the past 6 1/2 yrs I think I have tried, usually more than once, all of the meds they typically give and have allergic reactions or where it makes me so nervous I can't stand myself muchless anything or anyone else and even going into manic states! I am on my 2nd rheumy and it seems I will have to hunt for another. The first was fed up with me because I was so sensitive and told me there was nothing else he could do! (and he is suppose to be a top fibro dr in the area! ha!!!) And today my rheumy said there wasn't much left to try (went in for the weakness & pain meds not working). So he is sending me to have an MRI done on my back and forget the weakness... I was given some samples of a tab to take in the evening and then take my vicadine like normal. This might help with the pain. But I get so weak just from grocery shopping, much less anything else I do! I have to take a break just doing dishes!!! (I live alone and not a huge eater!)

    I am wanting to start up on herbs and currently use a few, but am confused as to where to start. I would like to go to an alternative med dr, but I only found one that my insurance covers and they are FRAUDS!!! I am 49 and to young to be bedridden!!! This is not a life!!! It is to where I just exist!!! I can't go on living this way!!!

    I have searched on here and internet for herbs that help with weakness and pain, but there are so many I just don't know where to start! And then I have bladder issue (IC-inflammation of the bladder and tinkle alot!!! I mean alot!!!) And I have micro colitis, so I have to watch out for things that mess with the tummy!

    I would greatly appreciate any help!

    Thanks and have a great day/weekend to all!!!

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    Hi TxMissy sorry you are having such a hard time. I could have written this post know how you are feeling.
    This is not a life.

    Some of the things that have helped me some are grapeseed extract,vitd. Alot of my supplements I get from my NUCCA chiro because they are whole foods and you don't have to worry about interactions. MSM is one I'm going to start and posstasim. also calclium.

    Iake lortab(its starting not to work)nothing for fatigue.Like you Iam severly senstitive to most meds.

    I have been doing a dishes for 4 days! understand the taking breaks part.(i live alone too but its still frustrating)it gets scary too when you don't know if you can grocery shop.

    There are some great people on this board and lots of helpful tips. Your post is much like mine the other night about just existing. Do you have any family? Friends?
    Please know we care and will help in anyway.

    Hope your wkend is better jen

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