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  1. otrcollectors

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    Does fribromyalgia mess up your eyes?
  2. hatbox121

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    What exactly do you mean by mess up? Blurriness?
  3. AuntTammie

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    According to my eye dr, FM and CFS both can cause eye problems....blurriness, trouble focusing, glasses/contacts prescriptions that change frequently, dry eyes, fatigued eyes, headaches from eye issues, light sensitivity, allergies to the yellow drops the Drs use and to the dilation drops and even to some of the contact solutions....all sorts of fun eye issues can come out of these illnesses...personally, I have a lot of these issues, and I have a real hard time getting prescriptions rt, bc when the eye Dr shows me two different strengths to compare, my eyes don't want to adjust to the new ones quickly enough to see if they will work or not (you know when they have you look thru the thing with a bunch of lenses and they ask, "is this one better or this one?") it's like my eyes take awhile to focus and refocus....even if she goes real slowly, it's like my eyes just cannot keep adjusting enough to figure out which one is rt
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    alot of the same problems and when I went to the eye dr earlier this month I didn't tell them I had Fibro--just getting used to not even talking about it anymore and I didn't want to deal with the attitude stuff.

    I've had trouble having eye tests done way before I had Fibro.

    My husb is ticked that these eye glasses are not even 18 mths old and now I need a new pair. And I wear bi-ficols and they are not cheap!

    And the person who tested my eyes was getting really frustrated with me because I couldn't make up my mind--so she decided that my overall vision had not changed much but that I needed a stronger bi-focal lense.