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    I am reposting this info as I have found a way to cut my grocery bill by about 1/3. I buy a lot of my groceries through Angel Food Ministries. It is a non-profit organization nationwide. You do not have to be low-income to qualify. They have a different menu each month with lots of meat products. You get $75 worth of food for each $25.00 order. I get 2 boxes per month and it has cut my grocery bill by 1/3 (primarily b/c of the cheap meat). They also have extra specials, such as 8 steaks (rib-eye, t-bone, filet mignon) or huge boxes of fruit sometimes for only $18.00. They accept food stamps, cash and some sites take checks. Here is the link to the site to find a church near you where you can order the food:

    It is too late to order for March but the April menu should be posted on the website: the home web addy is:

    You have to prepay for your food approx. 2 weeks before the food is delivered to the host site usually a church).

    I have no affiliation with this program and as I said, it is non-profit with all profits going to feed the needy. You can even buy a box of food and donate it to a needy person if you can afford to do so. I have not done that yet but am going to do so when I place my April order even though I cannot really afford it. I believe God blesses us when we help others less fortunate, even though I feel like I am the least fortunate person in the world sometimes. Am trying to be more positive about life, but it is so HARD sometimes.


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    Good to know about. Thank you.
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    I will be calling the two possibilities (churches)in my area. Wow, all that food for $43 (the main shipment is $25 and you can do an add-on for another $18)!

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    March was our 1st month using the food from Angel Food Ministies. The food was great! and as stated...you get a lot for your $25. The only "bad" part was when we went to pick up the food. We stood in line for about 20 minutes. It was a cold but sunny day, thank the Lord! For some that may be a problem & possibly other arrangements could be made with the church. Once inside it went very fast & we ordered again for April. This is a great way to save big $ on the grocery bill.
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    I posted this info on Angel Food Ministries as so many of us here are not working and having financial difficulties. I see so many posts since I joined about members barely having enough money for food, so I thought this was info I should share since it has helped me feed my family since I became unable to work.

    Sorry, but still learning the rules!

  6. PolarBear

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    Thanks so much for posting this. I went to the site and discovered that there are no host churches in Nevada, darn it! Do you know if they plan on expanding?


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