otsort of pain headache and my son won his football game

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  1. 69mach1

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    he did really well...played half the game...noseguard...he got a lot of tackles and some assists...coach congratulated him and said i didn't know you could tackle like that...
    they won like 57-7
    the guy that is first string right now...is on achemdic probation....

    so you never know he may be made first or get more playing time to be prepared for next year...his grandparents made it oug here from michigan to watch him play...

    grandpa said he would teach him some more things...and the coach wants his grandpa to teach their kicker...cody had mentioned how he may want grandpa to teach him to kick as well..because next year they do not have a kicker...

    granpa turned down pro contract for the bills way back when in the late 60's...early 70's...as a kicker...he has coached college ball..and high schoolt..etc,

    well i need to vegetatate here for a few minutes. then start doing some psych vocabulary words we have another quiz on tuesday...i need that A....then i need to get ready for three chapter unit test...and do some study guides and some extra credit...which means typing some reports...

  2. Cromwell

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    keep on trukin girl! You can do it. And see a better time now for your son too. Good for him!

    Love Anne
  3. 69mach1

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    i just got back from san francisco tonight..i had a fun time w.some woman friends then we met some of the male friends. from the dental convention...so we hung at a couple of places in san francisco..

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    Sounds like you son deserves a nice pat on the back! It good for Grandpa to take notice in him too.

    Goodluck on your test! I feel like i'm back in school just helping out my 7th grader with all that homework!

    Take care Jodie,

  5. 69mach1

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    oh boy i remember those days...but when he hit 7th grade he was pretty much on his own on the needing help from me..it was me reminding him as of still today.....

    "do you have any homework tonight?"

  6. 69mach1

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    now i just need to relax and study the vocabulary...i should do fine..we are doing a chapter from the fetus to aging process...

    paretental styles....etc...it was a little difficult to keep my attention...because i have the grand pleasure of having a seventeen, oops he is still 16 years old...

    so i am going to go to sleep and study some more in the more and maybe go thru the flash cards tongiht...as well..

    still trying to learn the dragon speakingnaturally program...they may add another tutor or teacher to get me more attention...there are some people that have had brain injuries that have a really difficult time...so they need more one on one...attention

    well gonna fly now

  7. rockgor

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    things are going well, Jodie.
  8. 69mach1

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    how are things w/you?