***OTT - AN EXPERT SCROUNGER (hubby story)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jeanne-in-Canada, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    Ron just brought home a pile of horse manure.

    Yes, you read right, my hubby brings home poo, he went for an errand in the village and that's what he brings home.

    He was very proud of himself too. "Honey, you won't guess what I found in Ashton, it's better than more firewood". And he shows me the magnificent pile on a handy shovel he keeps in the back of his truck, for such lucky finds. He then goes and fertilizes the willow he just planted for this spring. It was another pilfered find from a tree he clipped, and we cultivated it inside for a year first. We looked at many hatcheries trying to find me a weeping willow, so he improvized.

    He's been known to scrounge leftover boulders from old construction in a ditch, extra reserves of gravel from the ends of roads for the potholes in our driveway, wood pallets we use for kindling that someone keeps dumping in remote areas. And of course miscellaneous wood and piles of poo he comes across.

    He just declared himself today, "a master scrounger". I guess he's right. He's not a fancy guy, hehe, but he's my guy.

    Do you have any stories to tell of your s.o., any funny or exasperating stuff you need to get off your chest?


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  2. Jeanne-in-Canada

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  3. maedaze

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    Well at least he brings home stuff to use!!! Thank goodness my hubby doesnt bring extra stuff home... I can't get him to throw ANYTHING out! classic hoarder.. with always the reasoning of.. you never know when you are going to need it!!! yeah like NEVER!
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    This is cute-I love the way you worded all the "treasures" your husband brings home. But at least it is things you can use and you can't beat the price.

    My husband used to bring home pieces of wood from the company he used to work for. It was wood used in shipping supplies and would just get thrown out. At the time we still had a wood-burning fireplace in our basement. (we converted to gas now-much easier and cleaner)

    As for scrounging, just yesterday I went out in the country (I have two spots I go to every year) and cut different, interesting weeds like goldenrod, grasses, cattails and red twig dogwood. I put them in our flower boxes (along with evergreen bows-I buy these). It makes a nice Christmas/winter display until it is time to plant flowers in them again.

    I have a girlfriend and her husband who do a lot of scrounging. They have found more things along the road like a roll of roofing shingles (they put them on the roof of their shed), rolls of fence (it was used, but good enough to put around a garden), etc.


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