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    OK I know that it is 4 am + and yet I am still awake even after taking my night time meds. And my PAIN LEVELS are so HIGH that I could just cry.

    I hurt so badly in my left wrist that it feels cold. This cold feeling has seeped in and became PAIN. Pain that is so deep that even putting my wrist in hot water did not touch or should I say reach to the deep place where the apin is commming from.
    I really don't like pain like this that hurts so deeply ino your bones, and nothing that you do will ease it ,NOt soaking it in the hottest water you can stand,{ the heat never reaches to where the deepest pain is at} Why is that?

    I am so tired and yet I can't sleep as I lay in my bed I hear a rumble in the distance RAIN , That is why I am in so much pain tonight.
    A change in teh weather sends this wrist in to PAIN central. When I shattered it 2 + years ago I was told that while it would heal it would not ever be the same. It would deteriate from arthritis and degenerative bone problems. And the pain would get worse and it has.
    I am scared , what do I do now? I swear that I can't cope with pain such as this.

    It feels like it did the dad I tripped and fell , shattering my left wrist so badly that when it was surgiacally put back to gether there were bone chips taht didn't fit in to the spot so they were ground up and placed over teh titaium plate and acrew.

    Reading I found the surgery report. Operation performed: Left distal radius open reduction and internal fixation.
    Findings cmmiitued extraartlicular distal radius fracture with radial styloid component as well as marked dorsal and colar comminutaion.
    As I read on I saw taht it did report that I had been to the ER 2x the first time it took 500 mic's of fentynal and versed to get me to let them set it. and reductionwas accomplished.

    The next night the pain was worse and the doctor wripped the sticky driessing off my wrist and it hurt so much more , like it had been re broken. But it says taht the patient subsequently lost the reducton in teh fracture. X-rays were obtained whiich were remarkable for loss of reduction of the distal fracture.
    I was told that I could have problems with nerve , artery or tendon dammage , in fection and need for additional surgery, loss of motion and pain ,& scaring.

    Well now two years later I am in as much pain on nights such as these that I feel the pain so intence that It feels like I reshattered it.

    REAding the surgical report is hard to understand what it really means. I know that I just didn't break my wrist I shattered it& so badly That there were more peices than whole bone's.

    So I know taht there is something going on inside my wrist adn it needs to be seen my my ortho sooner than later. As my pain and the feelings of being stabbed, shocked, Buring electril buring and stinging. I get stabbing pains that will radiate up my arm and in to my shoulder and the pain is so deep that it is to the bone.

    Tonight nothing I have done so far has eased this deep pain and i am so scared and don't know what to do about it?

    It is pointless to go to the ERe as I have better pain meds then they wil give me. I have learned this already.

    But why is this pain feeling like it hurts reight down into the bone. That it is so deep that nothing including hot water , heating pad will reach and get the heat where it will do some good and ease this terriable pain of mine.

    I am crying as this is hurting so badly and I don't know what to do. I finally put the brace on it to see if it would help to ase it at all and I still can't tell but I think it feels a tiny bit better with the splint on it.

    Why is this so scary and so painful what have I done to set it off once again. How do I get it to stop and let me est.?
    Is this what nerve damage feels like? I don't know all I know is that I am in as much pain now as I was when I shattered it 2 years ago.

    I am TERRIFIED of what this pain could mean, more surgery when we are at a poiont in our lives where we are BROKE adn don't have the money neddary to have it fixed as our hospital requiiiires that you pay up front at least 1@ of the bill and maybe more. It will be at least $500 .00 maybe even a $1,000 to have this done again.And after having my sick hubby sppending 2 adn a half days in the ICU with diebetic acidkkeytoacidosis. We don't have the money to pay for his much less to pay for me to get this fixed.

    I know taht I am being a BABYabout this DEEP PAIN THIS NIGHT.I am so frightened of the problems that are yet to be discovered adn what they may be. This is major ssurgeeery and I am frightened to death and panicinnng right now. I want to get out of hear adn make the pain go waway and don't come back , I am so scared that there is some hing really wrong with it that I am ina panic and terrified about what could have gone wrong.

    OH please help me face htis and let it be eased by the pwer of fraaaayer. PLease help me ad if you ahve any suggestions I would love to hear them, I hurt so much.
    How evr tonight I wouldlike it if someone could nelp me to learn o relax again. I am so scared and in moe pain an usual .
    And yes it is really THAT BAD!!!!!

    Please help me if you can , let me know that some are stil What to I do? I am scared and in more pain mppppw and it iw only geting worse what can i do to night.
    I need hlpe now. don't know what to do.?SCEAMOMGL:OUDly,
    I HUrt and don't know how o help me.
    Sighend scared to death and in pain all
    SCARED and alone,Rosemarie
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    You are NOT being a baby about the pain. Is there anyway you can add an ice pack to the pain or use some Ben Gay or something like that on it?

    I am sure there are other members on here with better advice.

    First of all do not panic, I have been slowly learning it will not help your situation, I know harder said then done. Don't worry about the money part stuff, whatever happened in the surgery should be free to you as it was their doing. Don't worry about the future as well really do not know what may happen. Your doctor may be able to give you pain meds or something additional to help with the pain.

    I wish I could give you a hug and tell you that everything will be okay and to just hang in there. However, I send my virtual hugs to you.

    If you can watch a funny movie or something to get your mind off the pain, I would highly suggest it. I have been watching funny movies all evening to help with my pain all over my body, muscle spasms in my chest.

    Anyway I know the members here will have more helpful things to say but please know that I am here for you and you are in my thoughts and prayers.

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    Hi Sweetheart,
    Sorry you are having so much pain. I think an ice pack is in order too. You need some instant relief.

    I am thinking about what you might do. Please, don't panic and try not to cry. I find that when I do this it only makes the pain get worse and then thats all I can think about.

    I think you should get an opinion from a different Doctor than the one who did your surgery. I hate to spend your money, but if what you suspect is true (and thank goodness you kept your medical records) what is happening to you might very well be the Surgeon's fault. Don't be frightened, but I think you have to get this fixed. You are in too much pain...........not fair. You very well could get compensated for this.

    The 2nd Doc may try to cover up for the 1st one. But, if your "gut feeling" tells you this is so, I would get an attorney and turn this over to him or her. You can't handle this yourself. Do you think I am getting carried away? I hope not and don't want to give you false hope.
    Please talk this over with a good friend or a family member before you jump into this.

    For now, though, try to stay calm, Sweetie, and keep a clear head. Keep your wrist wrapped with ice in a baggie or some like contraption.

    I'll be thinking of you and wishing you the very best. Please let us know what happens.



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