ouch , my legs & back are still hurting so much

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    Nothing upsetsme more that hurting when I have not done anything to make my self hurt, I have not lifted, vaccumed, swept anything that my pain doctor has told me don't do. So I don't do them .

    Well that is not totally true. I do do those things when they need to be done and I can't get my oldest daughter who is married and works full time and goes to night school too , to find some time when she can do it. She has just been married for 2 months now and I really don't like to ask her to help me with these things. She has so much to do with school work, & husband and a step-son who is 8 yrs old, he is there with them every two weeks. So she is a busy girl.

    I noticed that my back was really hurting when it woke my up in the night screaming that it hurt! I know that psrt of the reason my legs hurt is from my back condititions. I have spinal stenosis, degenerative disc diease, 2 buldging disc L4-L5, L5-S1, and add the rest of the problems , like both knees are older than the rest of me is. { A comment a orthopedic told me when I was in my 20's that my kness's were older than the rest of me} They feel it too. They both have arthritis in them and when I no longer can stand the pain in the right knee it is the worst of them, I will get a new knee but I dont' want to have the surgery at 49 yrs old.

    Anyway I know that part of having my leg aches are because of my back is because of where my legs ache, they hurt really intensly in my thighs ,almost like someone has slugged me with a sledge hammer, the muscles are so sore that today they are tender to the touch but there is no signs of blood clots in them and I have a doctor's appt. in a few weeks . I will talk to the doctor about this leg pain and back pain.

    And if having both legs hurt was not enough do deal with my left shoulder hurts too, it is stiff when I lift it up and try to move it toward my back. I don't know what I did to it. This fibro fog is getting to me. I wonder why I have pain in my shoudler when I don't remember doing anything to make them hurt. This is getting annoying right now. I want to sleep and to stay alseep.

    But I hvae learned when my back is hurting like it is I get shooting pains in my legs and back and knees. Silly isn't it. I have not done anything like I normally would have done, you know having a middle name of " GRACE" because I can trip or fall over anything including my own shadow or feet. I was walking to go to a pool to spend sometime with a friend a year and 4 months ago and I had gone to her room 2 flights up, she was not there so

    I went down the steps to go to the pool where she was and I being so gracefull tripped over the sidewalk. I just didn't pick up my feet and fell face and arms first and I shattered my left wirst just 5 days before my youngest daughter was getting married.

    I had to have surgery to fix the wrist and it now has a titaium plate and screws in it and it really has times when it flares up and hurts like you know what. I am so gracefull that I never know what I have done to make me hurt more.

    I don't know if this is flare that is lasting longer than I thought it was going to. Having really worked hard to clean my house up to be apparised I well OVER DID IT BIG TIME.

    And I guess that I am still paying for it,but the house looks so much nicer and I feel so much better about me. I don't know why a clean house would brighten up my mind and make me feel better about me , but now that my house is clean and I don't have to look at a mess and stress about it. I like this house cleaner becasue it is so easy to pick up and keep the house clean all the time.

    So I am just whinning about this pain tonight. I am getting so tired of having to live with pain in my life. Years ago when my knees first started to give me trouble I usued a tens machine for pain and it did nothing but make my ache even more so I had them stop doing it.

    That was in the old days when you had to go to PT and have the phyical theripist do it. They still tell me ice my back adn I will not do that either as ice just hurts so much that I am begging for something will knock my socks off. I have had to learn about the pain that I have and why it makes me hurt. For my back there is nothing that can be done for it.

    AT least taht I can afford Like having a pain pump installed in me. And i can't pay off the medical bill that I have gotten from the last surgery I had two months ago .I had my gall bladder out . There must be a curse on me because twice now just before a daughter was to get married I would have a medical emergancy. Like I said my youngest got married on June 4th 2004 , and I fell 5 days before the wedding and shattered my left wrist. So when it was my oldest daughter who was getttng married I had a gall bladder attack and had to have my gall bladder out just after her wedding . So I am hopeing tha nothing will happen when the middle daughter wants to get amrried.

    Oh well I will just take another hot bath and take my night time meds and go to bed and hope that I will be able to sleep and to stay asleep. I just don't like knowing that because of the probems I have with my back that it will make my legs hurt so much and that I can't do anything that will really help to fix the problems in my back. I am just stuck with it.

    So I am going to take that bath now, I was going to try some thing else that I heard of . There is a store that is in NYC and on online called lush. It has bath products. like bath melts and it is to to help me to sleep better. it says on the disciption of it that you should not use this in the am because your morning coffee will not be a worken that day cause you'll be a sleepin. And it also had lotion melts to. They are bars of solid lotion that as you rub is on your skin it will melt and you just rub it in and is soulds so great to me. I just have not had the money to buy it from the online store and i am scared that it will bother my hubby. HE is really sensitve to scents, I will use a perfume that smells so great to me and to him it stinks and makes him have a tough time breathing so I have to get his approval before I but things like this bath melt.

    So me and my aching back , legs hips and thighs are going to take a hot bath and go to bed.

    Thanks for letting me vent and whine about myself, so good night to all. HUgs to you all,