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    I have grown these horendous, horrid cysts or boils in my arm pitts. They are huge and hurt so bad. Have you ever gotten anything like this before? I haven't before this. As if I don't have enough pain. I don't know what to do about this. How can I get this bad of an infection with all the antibiotics I take? They are about the size of a small chicken egg. Hurts so bad. And on both sides, lucky me. Anybody know what I can do to get rid of them? I hate to go to the doctor for it.
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    Kellyann --

    I'd suggest you do a google search on Baker's cysts --- that sounds like what these *might* be (I'm not a doctor, just a Lymie -- these are fairly common with Lyme). They often appear on the back of the knees, but I have heard of them happening in the armpits, too. I'd definitely at least call the doctor... that sounds really painful and awful. If it *is* an infection, it is clearly not responding to the abx you are on. Please, call your doctor!
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    Thank you so much, I have never heard of a Baker's Cyst. I will look it up! You have been a great help!

    Take Care!