OUCH!!! Pain in my right leg!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Fibro34, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. Fibro34

    Fibro34 New Member

    I dont know if anybody else has this problem...but...I get the most horrible pains in my calfs. Sharp shooting... take your breathe away JABS & my whole leg aches also. For a few months it was coming and going...but now its here to stay. It frankly scares me and I dont know what to do. The doctors around here are different and dont know what they should about fibro. HELP!!!
  2. mitzy5000777

    mitzy5000777 New Member

    Hi - sorry to hear how terrible you feel. i have exactly the same symtoms - except mine used to switches from leg to leg - it is just as horrible in one as the other. doesn't happen in both legs at once. the way you describe it is a perfect description. i just have always assumed it is part of my fibro. i take oxycontin and oxycodone for breakthrough pain. i don't think my dose is nearly high enough. it definitely helps, but not not enough by far. the oxycontin has always worn off by morning, so when i wake up i can barely walk - often have to use a cane. the docs have ruled out everything else (they think) so again, they still think it is the fibro. slight stretching helps, but very much walking or any exercise and the pain increases. hope somone else can be more helpful. i'd love to find a med that works, or wish they would double my meds. that might help. good luck. Lynn
  3. SafeHarbor

    SafeHarbor New Member

    I too have the leg pain. My legs hurt from top to bottom, even the bottoms of my feet hurt. They hurt even when I don't rub them. If I rub them or sometimes even just touch them there is the jabbing pains. There have been days when my left leg has hurt so bad that it is the only thing that I can think about. It too can take my breath away. My pain is constant, it is just better some days than other days. I have talked with my doctor about this also. Her suggestion is to excercie. I do walk a little every day and also take water excercise class, but sometimes I pay dearly with more pain. I cannot seem to get past the soreness stage. I think it is good to talk to someone about the pain. I usually don't like to talk about it much because if I mentioned all of my pain I would be talking about it all of the time. My tip: drink milk
  4. cooter

    cooter New Member

    i also get leg pains. mine feel as though an electric shock is going thru the front of my leg. THe first time it hppened i had just walked over to the washing machine when it happened, a strong sharp burning pain that felt like i got shocked. the problem was it kept happening evry so often even when i let go of the machine. now it comes and goes lasting ofr at least a few weeks at a time then going away only to come back a month or two later.I was wondering if it could be neuropathy?

    hope you feel better
  5. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    I was diagnosed about 5 years ago and i have always had problems with numbness in one thigh and walking.Recently I have gotten burning pain that feels like someone stuck a hot poker in my leg.

    I haven't asked my doctor what it is but I will next time that I see her!

    Love the sun.
  6. smesz21

    smesz21 New Member

    I have both FM and MPS and I have the same pains that you are toalking about. I best thing I have found that works for the pain is light exercise, like walking or yoga and some light stretching three to four times a day. Hope this helps.

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