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    So..I am a newbie but not a newbie to Lupus...I have been diagnoised for 21 years and consider myself soooo lucky...I listen to my body get my rest...don't push when I am tired...in 20 years my longest flare has been about a month....I know I have been blessed but for the last 4 months...I am down for the count...I am 40...had some major life changes in the last years so I am certain stress triggered me....I have a very high tolerance for pain with is good and BAD....in the last month i have done two round of Prednisone 17 days each...tomorrow off to the specialist...how can in 4 months time I feel nearly crippled....and for the love of God why does the pain mess with my head...for example shoulders and arms are a mess one day and then TOTALLY fine the next but I cant walk that day......I was also recently diagnoised with sjrogens...I guess the saying is true...you start falling apart at 40....can anyone suggest any good medications that have worked for them....I have now accepted I need to move on to daily medications....I have a lot of living to still do!
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    Welcome to the board. Sorry to hear things are getting worse. Have
    you visited the lupus board on this site?

    If you want to take a break from these DDs (darned diseases) you can visit
    the chit chat board. Talk about pets or kids or TV or whatever.

    You can find the board rules in the upper right hand corner.

    Good luck