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  1. glenda2

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    my dr. said she does not determine if you are disabled or not but when sent the paper work she would fill that out.

    is that how most of the dr.s for fibro do or am i just gonna be one of the unlucky ones again? if she fills out the paper will that be good enough? thanks for any info!

  2. mrdad

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    Probably technically she is right. The SSA determines if
    you are disabled or not but it is based on your medical
    records. They will ask your Doctors to give a Medical
    or poss. mental evaluation in relationship to your ability
    to function in a work enviroment.

    The main issue here is how your disability effects your
    ability to perform tasks that you would otherwise be
    suited to perform based on previous work experience, edu-
    cation,age etc.

    Good luck,
    MRDAD P.S. see www.disabilitysecrets.com
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  3. glenda2

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    thanks mrdad, i needed to hear that. i am at my witts end. i cut my work hours down to 3 days aweek but i can't even do that anymore. my husbands income pays all the bills
    and my income pays for food and my meds and what little extras we get.

    so i have to work those 3 days. but i just can't keep doing it. so i need to file for diability but it is so hard to get. if i could just go withouy food i could cut back more and loose alot of weight lol.

    my fibro started after a dr. did gallbladder surgery and messed up and cut my bile duct trouble for the rest of my life!!!! well thanks for your support. i also have menieres disease. being tired is part of fibro but i am so tired that i am begining to think i have cfs to go along with it .(just my opinion)
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  5. mrdad

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    You may not see this until tomorrow (Wednesday) as you are
    Three hours ahead of us here on the "Left Coast" But I
    will look for a reply in the A.M.

    When did you start your appeal, have you had an initial
    denial at any time?? I don't want to sound discouraging
    but these things can take some time to work out. But don't
    be discouraged if it does. Stay with it and people (Such
    as myself) have had experience and are all too happy to
    combine them to help others with support.

    See: www.disabilitysecrets.com


    We're with you!!
  6. gmom605

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    go for it,, i was appovered by ss dr`s.
    i know for a fact ss send papers to my dr.and she fill them
    out i guess they help, but it was determine by ss dr`s.
    good luck,,,gmom,,,
  7. ChristineInPA

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    If you can, be with your Dr when she fills out the paperwork.

    I made an appointment and we did it together.

    Good luck and DON'T GIVE UP.

  8. barbinindiana

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    When I came down with CFS and had been on sick leave from work for several months, my employer offered me a retirement the same as I would have recieved if I had worked 30 years. Not as much money, but all my health benefits and a portion of my pension check would be money to make up for being too young to drawn SS. In order to take their offer my doctor had to fill out a form given me by the company. He had to state that I was not able to work and would not be able to work. My rhuemy filled out the form with this statement, and I have been recieving my pension for 7 years now.

    Also My lawyer who represented me for my SSD hearing told me that all my doctors said that I was unable to work. So, they can say that for you if they want to.