Our Awareness in Parking Lots

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    I ran errands today and while sitting having some hot tea, I watched women of all ages (even with young kids) walk from the car into the store and then from the store to the cars ON THE CELL PHONE. We are repeatedly warned that for our safety (and our lives and the lives of kids with us could depend on it), we should be alert and aware of our surroundings when in parking lots. You can't be alert and aware when talking on a cell phone.

    When you figure the number of people/children who are robbed, assaulted, and/or abducted while in parking lots, please talk to your family and friends to put the cell phones down. Usually whatever the call is, really isn't work something bad happening.

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    What you said is so very true. Parking lots are famous as places for purse snatchings, etc. You can be alert to your surroundings if you are on a cell phone!

    Thanks for you reminding everyone of this important safety fact.