Our church needs a building to meet/we need prayer

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by daylight, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. daylight

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    Hi all,

    I won't go into all the details because that would be wrong. But as of last week our pastor was told that we had to pay 1000 a month to hold service for just 4hrs a month use . Of course this was an outrageous request and we left the building. We are currently trying to pay off all of our late rent payments to our old landlord,and still have over 4000 left to pay. What we are praying for is that a church "may" allow us to use their building for 4 hours a month on Saturdays until we can get our existing debt paid off. This task has proven to be very difficult as not very many churches are open to helping. Even though we are a very very small congregation. We have about 20 to 30 people and the numbers are dropping fast . We do have a home that we meet in on Sunday morning s but its not large enough to have to many people there all at once.
    It seems that as soon as our church fell into financial hardship people just started leaving. As though some felt that the financial burden should be left to the Pastor which I think is so very wrong but we do love them and wish them well.
    I know that God will provide all of our needs . I n the past 8 months we have seen this looming debt go from 20000 to now just above 4000 in a few months time. But debt is debt no matter what the dollar amount is and we need this "monkey " off our backs and we need a small place to worship for just 2 hours a week.
    We've got some people that feel like our little church is dissolving away and they need to be comforted and know that this is not true . I know that the few people that stay are hard core Christians ,or on their way to being hard core. =) We need pray, pray for people to start walking in their gifting ,pray for resources to become available to us,pray for comfort to the broken hearted . We just need a little oasis in our desert . If we could hold serve in a tent we would but it's not safe for our sick and elderly to be out in 105 degree heat.
    We'll make it through this but we do need prayer . We need a direction.

    Thank you all for your prayers and kindness.

  2. TwoCatDoctors

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    Many of the public senior centers (not the nursing home, but the meeting place for senior activities) have meeting rooms that they lend out for free. It's where the two local support groups that I go to meet. How about checking with your local senior center to see if they would lend you a room on Saturdays or Sundays? You wouldn't have an organ, but you could bring pre-recorded music. It's air conditioned and would be a start.

    There are many people in financial hardship right now in so many ways boiling down to the economy. When the church fell into financial hardship, some people were probably afraid they would be told they needed to increase their tithings by X amount. They didn't want to be embarassed discussing their finances so they left before they were potentially asked to give more. It's understandable that people would be scared away. Take care and prayers.
  3. windblade

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    Lifting up in prayer all needs of your church. The debt that needs to be paid - a place to gather. Every single one of those members is priceless in God's eyes!

    I was wondering if Two Cats idea was possible in your area? (TwoCats - you always have such great practical ideas.)

    Dear Lord God, we lift up to you all of your children who are faithfully trying to follow you. And all the details of this situation - all the needs involved. Thank you for your faithful Love, way beyond what we can imagine. We just gather in prayer, turning to you, as our Source. Our Rock. Our help in troubled times. Thank you for who you are, and that you are involved completely in this situation. We just come to you, thankful for your gift of Jesus in our lives. In your Holy Name. Amen.

    Love, Judy
  4. daylight

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    I'm sorry for not responding sooner. Our pastor has looked into those places. Its an insurance problem with them . If someone was to get hurt on their property they don't want to be sued.
    I can understand it . We have a few members like me that aren't stable walking more than a few feet and even then we're wobbly . I haven't fallen yet (praying the day never comes) but have come close a few times.
    So far every pastor that our pastor has talked to has said no . One even gave a lame excuse that we had to laugh at , but we forgive him. We'll find a place soon . God will never let us down.
    It's just our Pastor is a bit down right now and today is his birthday . Hopefully it will be a good .
    Today my husband and I receive another blow. I will write about this in a separate posting.

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