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    A Culture of Violence....Just tuned into Mo Kelly this morning on my favorite
    radio and the first things out of his mouth was a quote from Ron Reagan, son
    of a former president of the U.S....Ron made the claim, our country is a violent

    From the tv and hollywood movies, wars, videos, NRA, and it goes on.

    This week when the latest massacre happened, I hardly was phased...yes,
    hard to believe, I've been in so much shock for so long from these mass
    shootings, that I'm numb.....but it wasn't until CNN posted the photos
    of all the victims...then it hit me more.

    Despite all the signs and pleas from this shooter on his mental illness, he
    was still able to do the horrible damage he did....and for this person to
    be given a security clearance, UNBELIEVABLE......

    I have never seen one of those "famous" videos all the children and adults
    watch and I have NOT missed a thing.

    I do NOT watch the shoot em up movies on TV and if I happen to tune into
    a LifeTime movie that is a little shakey, I turn it off....

    One good thing that did happen recently is, "we" did not bomb Syria.....

    Had to vent and rant somewhat....

    Mo Kelly ended his segment that he has never shot or even held a gun...me
    neither...and proud of that.....my choice, everyone has their choices.....owning a
    gun was never a thought in my mind, folks never did and thinking that
    I travelled in sales for 7 yrs in US, Canada and Mex, by myself...never a problem...jam
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    I agree, Jam...there is a lot of violence. But not just in our country; it is all over the world. Maybe not in every corner, but I believe that as long as there are humans walking the earth, there will indeed be violence.

    As far as guns are concerned, I am afraid of them and want nothing to do with them. But one of our sons-in-law is a deputy sheriff...part of the job requirement is to carry a gun. He also spent the good part of a year, deployed to Afghanistan with the Army National Guard...not because he wanted to go to war, but because he had to. I am proud of him, on both accounts.

    True, he wasn't "forced" into these professions, but his sense of duty compelled him to go into law enforcement. Unfortunate that there needs to be an Army National Guard or Sheriff's departments, but that is just how it is.

    I would rather be walking down a dark street with him, than almost anyone else. In the late mid-70's, my FIL and I drove Den's car out to Virginia, where we would live after we got married. Rode a Greyhound bus back to Iowa...had a couple hour layover in Chicago to change buses. We walked around downtown at 6:30 am...no worries about getting mugged, etc. Den and I lived about 20 minutes from DC and I remember many late night grocery shopping trips, etc....with and without him...again, not a care in the world. Wouldn't do that today for anything.

    One thing that is different for me and my daughter...her husband will make sure that she and her children (when they are old enough) know how to handle a gun. I am happy and proud to know that...I would much rather hear that my granddaughters defended themselves than to hear that one of them had been raped, kidnapped or worse. For myself, I guess I will just have to be careful...

    I don't think you meant for this thread to become a debate on gun control...and I do agree that there is too much violence...but because of that violence, we need more people like my SIL to defend us. But, along with stories of violence, there are an equal or more amount of "non violence"...good and evil...always has been, always will be.
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    True Julie there is violence all over the world, but we americans talk talk talk peace and produce more and more weapons to be shipped worldwide....no profits involved for those corporations....

    No debate, but I'm glad I made it 75 yrs and never thought of owning a gun. It's hard for me
    to not think the way I do since I do have such strong pacifist leanings.....detest all the wars of the world....what a waste....
  4. Windytalker

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    I agree this guy had sought help, but, based on what I've heard, it appears none was given. That's the saddest part of all in my mind. The news said he had "anger" issues. Makes you wonder where and how he got so angry that he'd take it out on innocent people. So many of these wasteful shootings are done by people who have mental problems.

    With this shooting, gun control will probably be the main topic on the news...once again. Gun control isn't going to stop it from happening again. Too often, you'll see a news item where a private person defended themselves...and if that person hadn't, they would have been the goner, not "the bad guy".

    I don't like guns...never have. But, my Dad was a rifle instructor during WW2 and he taught both my sister and I how to use them. When my son was growing up, I didn't allow him to have play guns until he was about 10 when he got a cap pistol as a gift. As a result, he's never taken a lot of interest in them...and, frankly, that to me is a plus.

    I, myself, never owned one until we moved to a rural area and my husband was traveling most of the time. The ones we had were actually his. But, it did give me a sense of security being alone so much. And, it still does.

    There's so much violence on TV these days...not just the news (and most news is always negative). Movies are all about blowing this or that up or mass killings. "Bad guys" are now depicted as heroes...where on earth did that come from? If not that, it's vampires or invasions from outer space. Video games aren't much better. If a person has mental issues, they may think that's the route to go. I mean they think, "Why not? That's what everyone else does."

    It's a major dilemma!

    My heart goes out to all the senseless victims and their families. Sooooo tragic!!

  5. jaminhealth

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    Windy, there are mentally ill people all over the world, treated and non treated....and there are roughly 300 million guns circulating in our country...I rest my case, I'll never
    change my mind. jam
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    I'm not going to say that much about what you said Jam but I do agree with Julie. I also agree there is much to much violence and sex happening now, everywhere. I used to love to watch TV but now I am extremely selective in what I watch and listen to on radio. The message being sent to our kids is not a good one with violence and or sex. I don't consider myself a fuddy duddy but I have almost grown to almost dislike TV and movies. When our daughter moves here next year from N.C. we can go to see some of the automated movies with GS. I loved Despicable Me and I know there is another one out DM2. DH is not a go to movie lover but does enjoy old movies on TV. He likes more shoot em ups than I do. Even without real guns little boys will run around and try and "shoot" each other with sticks if they had no toy guns. That is just life. My younger brother used to do it all the time.

    I can just say it a much different time than when I grew up, for sure. BTW we have a gun but I surely hope I don't have to use it on anyone. Sorry to sort of get off the subject a bit but now I am getting off my soap box. It is to bad many feel they have to have guns, even for protection but we do. There are also way to many reasons we have this violence now . If we take away all our guns, the only ones left with guns will be the crooks !! That is not a good thing either.

    Enough of that, I really don't feel like debating the gun issue but I would want to TRY and at least save myself and family, if need be.

  7. jaminhealth

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    We all have our life experiences and mine has been NO GUNS in my life and I've been on my own for 40 some yrs, travelled so much without a gun, never never entered my mind...

    At one point in my daughter's marriage and her ex had a gun case in their living room, I always hated that thing...they had issues and I worried so much about the gun case and finally and I forget how, child protective services got into the scene and ordered that gun case moved out of the house....

    There was a time when a little friend of my grandgirl was not allowed to come to her house as the parents knew that gun case was there....

    I worried that he would go off with his temper and hurt someone badly, my daughter or the children....

    So I come from a different place....
  8. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    I also going back into my childhood memories, a cousin shot his brother while "playing" with his father's gun.....

    Then thinking 10 yrs back or so, a good friend's brother (18 or so) was "cleaning"
    a gun in his apt behind his parent's house and shot himself....talk about grief...guns
    should have NEVER been available to these kids to die.
  9. Windytalker

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    Although I don't "like" guns, they can be a necessity. Guns need to be respected...but put in the wrong hands, the person "holding the gun" is the actual weapon. I tend to agree with Granni...I'm from the same era as her.

    We humans have never gone without weapons in some form or another since we started walking on 2 legs. But, I do respect your point of view. And, that's what our country is all about!!!!
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  10. jaminhealth

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    I'm from the same era, even older than you gals....our family never had a gun....the old timers used to go hunting but I don't know where those guns ended up...my dad went to drink and cook and never was a hunter....

    I don't care what anyone believes, I know what I would hope for, a world without weapons that shoot....

    Listening to CNN thru all the recent massacres and Piers Morgan and how england and even australia removed so many guns and their killings dropped substantially....

    Too many guns and our country supports so much of the world, doesn't make me proud......enough....weapon industry is our biggest NOW, since everything else is
    gone to other parts of world.....a gun doesn't make me proud...

    Just heard about another mass killing in africa, I think, near a shopping center, just heard a brief comment....probably U.S. guns...

    Maybe I have to think differently, and think maybe it's a way of helping thin out our world population, but everyone has loved ones, right.