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    Listen my children and I shall tell,
    Of the newborn King of Israel!

    Jesus, son of David is His name!
    Over hundreds of years His birth was foretold,
    By Holy seers and prophets of old.

    Then, in the fullness of time our Lord came!
    Mere mortals could not discern His worth.
    So, God sent Heavenly angels to announce His birth
    To shepherds on a hillside, that glorious night!

    Off to Bethlehem they went,
    To see the King that Heaven sent!

    No doubt they were awed by the wonderful sight!
    In Bethlehem's manger the Christchild lay,
    Amidst the sound of animals and the smell of hay.
    The King of Glory was born of a lowly birth.

    Ah, but this time was like no other,
    For Mary, a virgin, became Christ's mother,
    And He became the Saviour of the earth!

    © 2002 by Robert F. Dotson