our minature horse

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    the blacksmith came today and trimmed buckets hooves weve had him since fall. he said

    Buckets too fat and not let him graze in our yard leave him fenced in and no grain just hay

    till he loses weight, after he left my son whos 38 a big animal lover said i gotta get him an apple for being a good boy. this little horses belly almost to ground hes so little he stands under trampoline.

    hes so cute he runs and shakes his head when my son whistles.then we had to get a companion for bucket so someone gave us 2 goats they move in unison and follow Bucket

    they butt each other playing and when they see you they have to see if you have a treat.

    when im felling sorry for myself they cheer me up i would love all kinds of animals walking around. well thats my happy post love gail
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    The animals sound adorable. Can you post a picture? Or perhaps, maybe with a little help
    from a friend, take a video and post it on youtube?

    What do the animals like for a treat? A carrot? An apple?

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    The miniture horse sounds like so much fun!,,,love his name,,Buckets!,,,,,,too bad he has to go on a diet,,lol,,, but then he'll have more energy to run around with the goats!

    We used to live next door to a couple who had the miniture Donkeys,,,,so adorable!,,,but when they got to "Eee--awwing" (for lack of another word,,lol),,,it took along time to get them quiet!

    I think pets were put on earth to make us feel good when things all around us seem bad!,,,,,,Thanks for your happy post!,,,,,sis

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    the goats eat about everything they love onions i save all scaps and peelings the horse likes carrots and onions.

    thats a great idea rock ill get my youngest to help me make a youtube like carla does. it will take me a while but i think that would give me a hobby. i need something.

    by the way rock i love your humor love gail