Our son and myself are in need of prayers

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    What a strange and scary day it has been. I have a problem that pops up every now and again, and it is the strangest type of itching I know. It is an itch that I can't even begin to explain. Usuall it is only on one part of my body. But today, and it's been trying for several days until today, it just went crazy. My hips..both sides..my legs, both sides..my elbows, both sides, my upper arms, both sides, and my hands, both. That's what's strange, it always happens on both sides, in the same area. I was bound and determined not to itch, because when I do, I get scabs like no other. Like I said, have had it before, but not all over at once like this. Years ago, they sent a plug, from my behind, to the U of U to have it sliced and tested. Nothing! They didn't know what it was. The only thing I can think of, is my MS. MS people get rashes, unexplained. I took steriod pills that I think worked, finally. No creams work. I almost went to the ER...but, I got a phone call about my son that just had the back surgery. He is in the hospital, they found two clots in his right lung. We decided to go see him. I didn't go to the ER. Have talked with the nurse, will wait and see how tomorrow is. Our son is scared, you can tell. He's done so well, we don't get it. He's been up and around, doing things. He had pain, and our daughter had to talk him into going some where, even if he thought all he had to do was pop his back! Silly boy. Well, he's in there now. Thank goodness. Like I said, strange day, but we're all still here, some of us just a little on the miserable side. Prayers for our son is most important. Praying that the shots they give him every 12 hrs in the tummy will help disolve these two clots.
    Thanks all..love, Cynthia
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    Cynthia, it sounds like a very trying time right now. Prayers for you, your son and your family during this time.
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    I am praying for both you and your son. I hope his blood clots dissolve and your itching not only stops now, but never returns.

    hugs and love to all,
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    My son is still in the hospital. Still getting the shots every 12 hrs. He still hurts, and is now coughing up bloody mucus..not sure if that is good or bad. I'm so worried about him. This young man has always been so active, there wasn't anything he couldn't do it seemed. When I went to the hospital yesterday and saw him just laying there, it was hard. If it was for me, I can't imagine how it is for him.
    I went to the dr. today. Couldn't stand it another day. He wonders if I ate something new. Sometimes people are allergic to foods such as strawberrys, as you all probably know. He did mention some foods, when he said pepparoni, I said, yep, had that lately. I think it's a guessing game, just as before. He want's me to try Zyetec, I bought the generic brand. Benadryl gets me buzzing..so, will try this stuff a little at a time. Then, wrote me a prescription for the prednisone, small dose..5mg., because that's what worked in the past. Wants me to try the Zyretec first, then if that doesn't work, go with the other.
    My pharmacist and I got to talking about this, he's great..said that he also got some baby chicks, and that he has problems with the saw dust! What?? I have had real problems with the palm of my hands itching too! Never had that before, just on my body. Oh boy. Lydia was right, the Lord does work through others. I wouldn't be a bit surprised, if I start letting my husband or son start putting the saw dust in for me, that I will be doing better. Oh, at least I hope so..
    Thank you so much for the prayers. Love to all, Cynthia
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    Lifting up your son in prayer - that the blood clots will be removed, or dissolve. Praying for wisdom for all those treating him. And strength for your family. Lord, please bring your supernatural peace and hope to Cynthia and her son.

    And for your severe itching - what a torment.
    Lord, please bring knowledge to Cynthia as to the root cause of this severe itching. And guidance for the right medicines.
    I ask for the fullness of your love to be with them all. Come to their aid, Lord. I ask this in Jesus' precious and holy name. Amen.
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    Will keep praying. You are such a blessing to us all here, with your loving heart!

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    Doz you are a blessing to this board and a truly loving person. I will keep praying too and hope all is well soon.

  8. springwater

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    Im sorry you are going thru such a trying time. Praying for your itching to stop, for the root cause to be discovered and treated...for your sons recovery from the blood clots and coughing up mucus....for complete healing for you both...

    God Bless
  9. Doznclan3

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    The love that I feel right now, from people that I haven't even seen, only in my heart. Thank you again for the prayers. They are working.
    Our son came home. He will have to give himself the shots in his tummy for 12 days, then go on to taking Cumadin..spelling? He is breathing easier. Still has some pain, but he is a very strong young man. The cost of these shots without ins., would have been 700 dollars, but with ins, just over 100 dollars. Thank goodness they have ins.!
    I went to the dr. yesterday. I had some lotion from years ago from the last time it happened. He told me to go ahead and us it. Then, he prescribed prednisone, but not to take it until I tried Zyretck. I don't do well with things like that..Benadryl..but I tried it. Guess what I found out works?? A warm bath!! I was so excited. I'm not sure why the warm works, but I'm not caring about the whys at this point. The itching was so bad, that I was shaking from trying not to itch, becasue when I do, it spreads real fast, and it also scabs up real fast.
    So, warm baths are cheap. Haven't taken any prednisone as of yet. Hoping that this itching is gone for another 4 years. Thank you again everyone. I love you all so much.
  10. windblade

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    Oh - I'm so glad that your son is home! Keep us updated on how he does with his shots.

    Wow - you found a solution for your itching! With no side effects.

    My husband and I were so surprised when he had a bad case of poison ivy - that hot water stopped the itching - and also made it clear up more quickly.

    Ahhhh - so glad you found relief.

    Blessings to you,
  11. windblade

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    Have been wondering how your son is doing?
    Have the injections helped - are the clots all gone?

    And how is that horrible rash of yours doing? Did the meds. help permanently?

    Blessings to you and your son!
  12. Doznclan3

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    The clots aren't completely gone, will have a few more days on the shots, then on meds for quite a while. He can breath more easily now..thank heavens.
    My rash is better. It is coming and going.. I haven't taken any prednisone. I tried a small amount of Zyteck, but what helps the most is the warm baths. This is something that has come and gone for years. I always know when "that" itch is coming. It's a tingling feeling. It's something that a lot of people with MS suffer with. I also suffer with the MS "hug." Now, that's something I need to knock on wood for as I type. It's a horrible pain. As of this year, I've only had that happen a couple of times so far. I'll take the itching for now. :)
    Thank you for your concern. You are a very caring person. :)
    Love, Cynthia
  13. Doznclan3

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    It seems that the clots have dissolved. Now they have to work on the blood thinner. He got waay to thin, they had to stop all meds, then just start over on a small amount..they do want to keep him on something for a while. He isn' quite six weeks out from his surgery yet.
    I'm doing better, still coughing, but not as bad. Now my husband is coughing, not too bad yet.
    I hope you are doing well. Thank you so much for the prayers. You are always very kind in your posts when you can come in to a board. Thank you for being you!
    Love, and hugs to you too! Cynthia
  14. soulight

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    I am so glad you are both doing better. Your whole family are in my prayers. Now that most of the itching is gone , it must be so much easier to deal with everything else !

    When I went to school in West Virginia , I got poison ivy . An old folk rememdy from the West Virginia natives for this is embalming fluid ! You had to have an "in" with the undertaker to get it. NO , I didn't try it , but I know itching can get so that you will try almost anything !