Our symptoms are like Myasthenia Gravis..How do we know?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Carlacat, May 5, 2003.

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    Wow our muscle weakness and etc are so much like this DD. I think I'll mention it to my neuro. I was reading in our local paper that a man was diagnoised with FM and then turned out he had this diease. Does anyone know much about it?
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    I had the test for MG and passed it just fine. There is a big difference between MG and FMS. We have TEMPORARY weakness when we use a muscle over and over in performing a task. They have progressing weakness that gets much worse, no matter what they do, and is permanent. People with MG do not have good days or remissions. Eventually, they cannot even raise their eyelids to open them. You can certainly be tested for it....I hope you don't mind having an IV in your hand, since they inject the IV with solutions and test your strength afterwards. Please don't worry too much about this, as it is very unlikely.
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    I have gotten where I have no muscle at all and even my forearms are flabby..My nuero said he guesses it is from fms...Have you heard of others with the flabby stuff all over the body?? I have no strength at all. Can you give me any insight??
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    FM'ers all have pain with muscle movement. We stop using them, because it hurts. Therefore, muscle starts to deterioate. We do not restore our muscles because we usually don't build up muscle in the restorative sleep cycle. For four years I was babying myself to the point I have flabby arms, legs. I have been walking and I see the muscles are slooowly building up some, at least they are not chunks of wobbly flab. (This took over a year.) I had to force myself to walk. Warm water stretching exercises help regain some muscle tone. For every month of inactivity I think it takes double or triple that time to tone up. It takes will power and determination to get moving and for most, pain pills. A vicious cycle. My LDN prescription that I started last month is helping me so much to get moving again. Last year it was sheer force and will power just to walk aroung the block. Now, I want to run, but my spinal spurs and bulging discs and degenerative discs won't let me. I am happy to be up and out of the house walking though. I wish I could go bowling again! Sorry I am not much help with MG, but LDN is suppose to help many diseases. It helps 50% with chronic fatigue, and 90% with fibromyalgia.
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    What is LDN from the last post? Cat
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    I've had a thorough neuro workup at one of the big name medical centers and was tested for myasthenia gravis and just about everything else and all the tests turned out negative. But I still have a lot of muscle weakness which must be due to the fibro. The difference is that the weakness is not constant. But it can come on me very suddenly and can last anywhere from a few hours to several days. It can be so bad that I can't walk without using two forearm crutches for support. The problem is that, even though I can walk fine when I'm not weak, I never know when it will hit so for the last seven months, I've been using crutches nearly all the time. I feel kind of silly using them when I don't need them but they've been a life-saver many times. So I know that the muscle weakness can be real, although it is probably quite rare for a fibro patient to use crutches.
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    My brother has Myasthenia Gravis - as did our grandmother. FM seems to be very much like it. Certainly the fatigue is! Looking back, we can see that he had this disease for a long time before it was diagnosed. When he developed the classic facial symptoms, he was immediately diagnosed. He looked like half his face had melted - none of the muscles were working. My first thought was a stroke, then I thought Bells Palsy, but then I remembered the stories of our grandmother who also had MG. Sure enough, that's what he has.

    Often he looks at me and tells me I have the same stuff he does. Our energy levels are both non exsistant and the same things will make us feel lousy. But, his neuro disagrees, saying I 'just' have Fibro. The antibody test was negative on me (I think it was on him too), but they did an EEG to diagnose him. With MG, the pain isn't as preveliant, but the muscle fatigue is. He has difficulty with lifting his arms above his head and sometimes just lifting them at all. Also with MG, there are breathing problems - those muscles are affected. With MG, the brain can not get a message to the muscles without help from a drug, Mestinion. It's kind of like a short circuit - like a lamp half way plugged into the socket. MG is an autoimmune, muscular dystrophy disease. Who knows what Fibromyalgia is...but, I can tell you that stress of any kind is bad for MG and for FM. We react very similar to stress, but he can have breathing problems with it too.

    It's hard to be persistant about getting a diagnosis, or help with these diseases and syndromes when overwhelming fatigue is your constant companion. I feel that in many cases the medical community is much quicker to listen to men patients than women. Hopefully that is changing, but it's still true much too often.

    I hope that this may have helped you, Carla. I've also been diagnosed with EDS...many overlaps with FM there too.

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    I really appreciate it.