Our Worst Problem - Self

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Freedom1, Jul 26, 2004.

  1. Freedom1

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    I am asking for prayer because sometimes I feel like I am my worst problem. I could be getting in the way preventing God from helping me. I have been having severe leg pains due to symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis and I also have an extreme need for a finacial blessing and immediate income. Being independent -- well now only to a point, due to this illness, it is difficult for me to ask for help and I may not be heeding advice because of my extreme belief that God will help. (also throw in a mixture of pride/denial) Well, it has been an extremely long time of praying and utilizing the resources at hand -- but no healing, even minimal or financial breakthrough. I don't know whether I should just give up and accept the situation - come what may or truly believe that great things can happen. I heard and spoken the wonderful passages about my situation and those great antidotes people tell you. (God's timing, when one door closes, another opens... etc) Is it foolish to do/believe this despite circumstances? I ask for prayer to remove any hinderances, be it self made or spiritual. I ask in prayer for Guidance and a word of knowledge and assurance about my situation. I seem to pray great for others but have difficulty receiving any fruit from my own prayers. I thank you for your prayers and guidance.
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    I will also pray that you will be quiet when needed, and listen for what God has to say. Sometimes His direction comes in loud and clear, other times He requires that we take steps for action to happen. Remember to step out in faith when you feel that is the direction that He is requiring. No hesitation, just faith, believing that the Lord will lead you with the next step. This is a little scarey to do, but what freedom we can gain when we walk those steps that He may require! What blessings we loose if we don't take that step of faith . .

    What did he command the man who could not even get in the healing waters by himself? "Rise, take up your bed and walk."

    May God bless you and answer your need.
  3. grge

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    Step out in faith, that is the word of knowledge I just recieved.

    I have been praying a very long time about finances and other issues and have been having overwhelming anxiety because my prayer "has not been answered quickly enough to suit me"

    I belive God put your post where I would read it.
    I pray in the name of Jesus that both our needs will be met.

    I thank God for you and the others here.

    The word for both of us is so clear to me right now, we must believe and never turn back we must trust God our savior with all of our cares and needs He will provide for us I praise your holy name and I just feel such joy right now, I am signing off to take time to pray and praise.

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    i had to accept that God was in control but unfortunately i had to be "slapped in the face" to see that. i know that my blessings are coming and i stand on his faith. He said it only has to be the size of a mustard seed. u know how big that is? i have been going through test after test for 2 1/2 straight years but i just tell myself that i must be one of Gods special ones, b/c He tests those He loves! my later shall be greater than my former-meaning good things are in store for us if only we believe! hang in there and be encouraged!
  5. Freedom1

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    Well I feel truly blessed to get such great responses and prayers. Many of you concur that I need maintain and step out in faith. Bakron, Stidham your words are precious and are a healing in themselves. Grge I accept your word of knowledge to Step out in Faith. Thank God I and everyone have a measure of faith. I feel I have a lot of faith, but have not had anything pointed out by God to target it too -- regarding which direction I should go, especially facing these challenges (health and financial) I really need specifics and detailed direction in an expeditious manner, at present. Your word of knowledge is a witness that God brings to my path -- and I will make stronger efforts to dilligently seek God more for answers. SocialWork...I am truly believing with that Mustard Seed Faith -- Sometimes the circumstances of life try to grind it down even smaller than that seed. I am also praying that you all will also receive the specific and detailed answers that you may be seeking. Thanks

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