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  1. kathyrere

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    So sorry to leave everyone haning. i think i pushed myself to much and have not been feeling to good.

    Zach is doing alot better. They are still breathing for him. They weight him yesterday for the first time in a while bacause he was too critical before. He weighed out at a big 1lb and 13 and a smidgen ounces. i donot know how long he is.

    he is still a very strong wigglely baby, and they want him to stay still. he is already showing quiet a little character. he is also very responsvive.
    he is still up and down on his oxygen. but he is only 7 months womb wise. and one month out. so his little lungs are still repairing and growing.

    Marilyn posted a pic of Zachary and my daughter Christa on CC board for those that did not see it.

    thank you all for continue prayers. i am ashamed to say i still get depressed sometimes but i should just be so thankful
  2. Shirl

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    So glad to hear Zach is doing well. Was wondering how he was. Sorry you have been feeling badly, its a strain when you have a little guy like that fighting so hard!

    Will continue to pray for him, and you and your daughter.

    Thanks for the update.
  3. Harmony

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    Kathy, So glad to hear Zachary is doing better. I'll have to go look at the picture on the CC Board. I sure hope you feel better. Thanks for letting us know.

    Love and prayers,
  4. PMangels

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    Glad to hear Zach is doing better. I will keep praying for him. God loves the little children.

    God Almighty, please put your arms of love around Zach and his family and lift them up. Give them the strength they need as the face each new day. Thank you for your goodness and mercy. Amen

    God Bless your family,
  5. allhart

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    zach will be in my prayers until hes home i realy do understand how hard this is just keep having faith