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  1. jan a.

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    does anyone else have abnormally high incidence of tooth decay since having this illness? I am on long term antibiotics so I dont know if they are killing off friendly bacteria in my mouth or the thrush from all the antibiotics (can that cause decay?) all I know is I never had this problem before...I mean every time I go to the dentist which is about every 3 months I have another round of cavities...the dentist is even puzzled as to why...just thought I would ask if anyone else had this painful, expensive, problem...is there no end to more symptoms of this dd... seems one treatment for one problem leads to another...frustrated!!! jan a.
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    Sorry to hear that but your not alone. I have had terrible decay problems over the years. After fixing my top teeth over and over, my dentist talked me into getting a denture. Big mistake!!!!!!!!! I didn't go as often as you. By the time I would pay off the bill for all the work it would be time to start over. My bottom teeth are terribly decayed, going back to dentist on monday. I have dry mouth, and I have candida. I am sure that adds to it. This is no fun, believe me I know. If your not taking probiotics, I would reccomend that you start. I just ordered some by immunesupport. Alot of people here can't say enough good stuff about it. Good luck with the teeth, it will probably be a never ending battle. You could try some flouride gel to strenghten your teeth, I think I will look into that myself. Love, Deb
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    My dentist warned me that by having dry mouth from meds I am a condidate for cavities etc.
    He suggested I sip a liquid, preferably water, when I get dry. No sense drinking a lot as you just get bloated and then still have dry mouth. He also suggest having sugar less candies and sucking on ice chips. It obviously depends on where you are as to which action you use.
    I also use a special toothpaste for dry mouth and a mouth wash by the same company, called Biotene.
    So, far, touch wood, it has helped and I've had this problem for seven years and no cavities or whatever.
    Good luck,.....basket21
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    Do you possibly have Sjogren's Syndrome which causes dry mouth, eyes, dry any gland that produces moisture. Sjogren's sufferers have lots of teeth probs. My doc recommended Salagen for dry mouth with no success and I am going to try Exovac next. I also use Biotene and Sensidyne alternately and have had pretty good success.
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    Awhile back a friend (online) had a mouth that was rotting away quickly. She never had a cavity till she was 32!

    Her DDS sent her to a saliva specialist..........yup even a degree in spit. He said it was the dry mouth that let the gums & mucous membranes get irritated & set up a breeding ground for bacteria & decay.

    The advice he gave was to constantly drink water & these 2 special drops that helped. Much more I do not remember

  6. jan a.

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    I will look into that biotene....I never heard of it before but will try to find it.....Ive heard of the dry mouth by my dentist but I guess I didnt realize that I had it...thanks for your answers I appreciate it...love jan a.