Out of "Lurkerland", just saying hello!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Cindi, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. Cindi

    Cindi New Member

    Hi, I joined this board way back in 2002. Due to life and this DD, I haven't been active in a LONG time. I DO read here everyday, and feel like I know a lot of you, although you don't know me.

    I would like to actively participate again, even though this board seems to move very fast! I'll try to keep up :)

    If anyone reads my long bio, I'm sorry it's all crammed together. I tried to edit it several timed and space it out, but it didn't work.

    Take care,
  2. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    Glad you came in to say hello today! Since I joined the board just last year, I haven't met you yet....so , "HI!"

    The board does move quickly and sometimes it's just too fast for me. Today I just signed it to see what's happening, but when I saw your post, I decided to write a note to you.

    Sounds like you have a plate full of life, my dear! Not only are you ill, but your sons. AND...you are part owner in a business...that takes time and energy, also. My, you must be busy. Are you physically able to keep up the pace?

    Just nice you joined in today. I hope to see more of you, and I hope this will be a good, supportive place to help you in all your challenges and joys in life.

  3. mary124

    mary124 New Member

    Nice meeting you! I joined a few years ago, but left some for awhile. Just recently came back. Theres so many new people on the boards here. (some I reconize still)
  4. Cindi

    Cindi New Member

    for the warm welcome, Fivesue, Livn, MsMoody and Mary! I'll try to participate as much as possible, and hopefully help others along the way. I've gotten so much valuable information from this board.


    Yes, there's a lot on my plate, but I've learned to prioritize the important things in my life. Hubby keeps the business going, and also does alot on the homefront, since I AM NOT physically able to keep up the pace. He does this despite his own health issues. I'm lucky to have him!

    I am homebound quite a bit, so I do what I can, when I can. Of course I usually overdo it on a good day, then pay for it afterwards. Such is life with Fibro!

    I hope to get to know you all better soon!

  5. crumpton

    crumpton New Member

    Glad you are part of our group whether lurking or not. Even people that just read and sometimes that is all I feel like doing, are a part of our family.

    I'm glad we have this family because I am not able or do not really want to go out to another support group.

    Welcome Cindi!
  6. Cindi

    Cindi New Member

    Thank you for the kind words!

    Crumpton - I know what you mean about going to support groups. I still have some contact with a group that I attended quite a few years ago. They send me their newsletter, the facilitator calls once in awhile, and one of the ladies I met is my diehard e-mail buddy :) It's too hard to get to the meetings now, which is why I'm SO glad we have the internet and groups like this!

    I hope that I can become part of this "family", too!


  7. MamaR

    MamaR New Member

    Welcome back!

    I came a few months back....and really glad that I did!

    It has helped me so much to see that there are others out there alot like me.

    Big Hug......Mari
  8. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    I'm glad you have been reading here. There is so much good information.

    To get paragraphs in your bio, just go to edit profile. Then type in < P > to insert a paragraph whereever you like. I have put a space between the < and the P here, but you don't need a space. If I put it all together here without the spaces, it would put a paragraph in!

    Just post as you can! Welcome back!

  9. Cindi

    Cindi New Member

    I appreciate you helping me with the paragraphs in my bio. I wanted to fix it because I know how hard it is to read things without adequate spaces!

    I will definately be posting as often as I am able.

    BTW, I looked at your profile, and your girls are adorable :) A good friend of mine has belonged to a Mom of Twins Club for many years. Her boys are now 18, but she is still connected and goes on their yearly retreats, which she loves! My dad was a twin, but it seems to skip a generation. We'll see what happens when my kids have children, or when my sister's daughter has them. I'd love to have twins in our family...twice the joy :)

  10. Cindi

    Cindi New Member

    Didn't mean to forget you! Thank you for your welcome.
    It definately helps to know that you're not alone. When others in our lives may get tired of hearing about FMS/CFS, everyone here understands and can relate to what we're going through.

    Hugs to you, too!

  11. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    Those of us who have supportive husbands are very blessed! I'm so glad you're one who does. Mine is a sweetie and is so helpful and non-judgemental...far more so than ! But, I'm learning and I do know about overdoing on the good days. Just did that on Monday, but seem to be coming out of it today.

    Hope all is good with you today.

  12. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    Glad you got the paragraphs in the bio figured out. It does make them easier to read.

    Thank you for the compliments on my daughters. I think they are pretty gorgeous, too! But I'm a little biased!

    I have been a member of a twins club since they were born. It has helped tremendously. I find myself not nearly as active now that they are 11.

    Twins do have a tendency to run every other generation, and that would be YOU! It was your grandmother that had twins. That twin was your dad. The next generation is you.

    My grandmother had two sets of twins. My mom was one of them. So I always thought I would have twins--and I did!

    Is your dad a fraternal twin or identical? It is the tendency to ovulate more than one egg that is passed on. That leads to fraternal twins. The funny part of my story is that my daughters are identical, not fraternal. So I guess I was destined to have twins--one way or another!!

    From your bio, it looks like you didn't have twins, and I assume your sister didn't have twins. But that's not to say it couldn't skip one more generation and you may have twin grandchidren. That would be fun!

  13. Cindi

    Cindi New Member

    Yes, it is great to have a supportive husband! I don't know what I'd do without him. I'm glad you have a supportive hubby as well :)

    Today was pretty good. I've been in a lot of pain, and also pulled something in my lower back last Sun. I've been "good" all week - not doing much - but I'm gearing up for the next 5 days. I have errands to run tomorrow, and really need to grocery shop, my son bowls on Fri. afternoon and has a Special Ed Valentine's Day Dance that night. My husband is doing something with our daughter, or I'd have him take him. On Sat., I'll definately sleep in and stay in my PJ's because hubby and I are going out to dinner for Valentine's Day that night! Sun. is church and a birthday party for my niece, and Mon. I have an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) meeting for my son with special needs, which can be mentally exhausting! I will not be doing anything else during this time, except for a few loads of laundry. I'm already TIRED thinking about all this. I am usually very housebound except for a few days a week when I'm only out for a few hours at a time. Every now and then things get crazy, and it takes every ounce of energy to do what needs to be done. I may have my husband grocery shop tomorrow, and if I'm tired on Sun., I may miss church. One day at a time...

    Katy! Yikes!! Fibro-Fog about twins! You're right, it would be my generation, and no, I didn't have them. My sister only has 1 daughter, and my brother doesn't have any kids.

    My dad was a fraternal twin, although we did have identical twins on my mom's side of the family. I guess I'll wait and see what happens when my children have children :)
    BTW, your daughters look just like you!

    Take care,