Out of the mouths of babes

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by kirschbaum26, Dec 3, 2006.

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    Just wanted to share with you something very sweet my 7 year old daughter said yesterday. I had asked her to write up her Christmas wish list (we have lots of friends and relatives that send her gifts, and they ask me, so I just read the list to them). Anyway, the first thing she asked for was "that Grandma does not die". My mother (who is 67) has been seriously ill for about 2 and a half years now, and she lived with us until April of this year. I had to choke back the tears.

    My mom gave up smoking the day that my daughter was born. I had been told that I could not have children (I had her when I was 37), so I look at her and know that I am the recipient of a miracle of sorts...and that my little angel was sent to me for some special reason.

    Just wanted to share that with you all.

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    what a sweet little girl. If they could only keep that wonderful caring and innocence.

    My husband's 100 year old Grandma pass away in January. My Granddaughter was her Great Great Granddaughter. When she passed away we told Alexis that she went to heaven. With that sweet little face she looked at us and said "Great Great Mamaw went to heaven because she was good".

    You are right you have a little miracle. A gift from God.

    God bless; Pam
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    Hi Ingrid I have so many memories of adorable things my kids said when they were little.

    One night at dinner my eldest then about 5 wanted to say grace. He kind of got carried away thanking God so I told him I was sure God was pleased with him for all his thanks. He said he just had one more thing he wanted to add and this is what he came out with "thank you God for being my stepdad".

    One memory I will always cherish.

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    They do say the funniest things. Treasure the years they go by very fast.Try to keep a little book of their sayings I wish I had done that, but didnt think of doing it till they were grown.
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    Your daughter is a cutie.....and I love her wish for Grandma! How are you doing since your surgery?