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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by paige51, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. paige51

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    Just got back from the doctor, cyst is still on ovary. I was hoping it would fall off or dissolve.

    Will get another sonogram in three months. Doctor says it is still very small and noncancerous. Do not want to do surgery to quick.

    Since I am premenopausal, I am very concerned.

    Does anyone besides me think I should have the surgery and be finished with it?

  2. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member

    I have a similar problem and was also told that 'we would keeep an eye on it'. So, I am waiting, too. If it is not one thing, it is another.
  3. kbak

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    Surgery is really up to you. I had a ovarian cyst back in 95, but mine was a type that could turn cancerous in time, so I jumped at the surgery. I just didn't want to sit and watch it hoping it would be alright.

    It sounds like yours is a simple cyst. The problem with cysts is they can go away, or go away and come back, or just cause chronic problems. They took my overy out, not just the cyst. I think you should really research the whole subject well, and make a decision from there.

    Good luck,
  4. Rene

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    check out hystersisters and go to the ovaries only message board. I belive there are lots of women running around with cysts who don't know it.

    I had a 8 cm mass and watched it for 8 months and then it grew to 18 cm very quickly. It was major surgery then and not cancer.

    On one had if they can do it laperscopically that would be good before it gets to big. They can grow back too. Its such a complicated mess that is for sure.
  5. ma2alex

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    In my opinion, you don't want to jump into surgery. Since I got diagnosed with fibro, I have found surgeries to be really hard on my body. For example, I had a knee arthroscopy before fibro, I ttok nothing more than advil for postop pain. Had the same exact surgery, even the same sugeon, after fibro, I was taking perc for a month.
    I have personally had 2 ovarian cysts rupture. It is extremely painful, but that's it. No lasting health problems. I would definately not operate if it were me.
  6. RENA0909

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    Hi Paige
    I had a cyst on one ovary 7 years ago and had an op(where they also removed my fallopian tube).
    I think this was my headlong spiral into severe fibro!

    I think I have one on my other ovary now but I am leaving it well alone cos they can go away and as long as it does not cause me any problems I will keep it lol.

    Take care
  7. cjr2003

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    Hi :>) I have a cyst on my left ovary right now. I had 2, but one burst about 5-6 weeks ago; very,very painful for weeks:>( The other cyst bled for a while and caused burning aching pain. My last menstrual cycle seemed much better since my cyst problems all started. Even when I was having horrific pain and took hydrocodone for weeks for it they didn't want to open me up for a laparascopy unless it was absolutely neccessary. They like to monitor these things for a while I think. I really think my other cyst is shrinking/dissolving due to less pain and better menstrual cycles. If you are having bad pain/problems from a cyst for several months, I think they are more prone to consider surgery vs. having mild discomfort. For several weeks, I could feel the cyst inside me every day, and it hurt horrifically where the other cyst had burst. My bowels were rubbing against the area/ my IBS was irritating the area. I am so glad it is better even though my bowels are still giving it some discomfort. Hope this helps. Love, Carla
  8. Cromwell

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    Had one. I urged her to have it removed whilst it was small and could be done via laproscopy. Instead she tried alternative cure that did no good, and it went huge then twisted and she neeeded major surgery and could have died.

    I always think best to do these things when they are small enough to do without big cuts.

    Measure again in three months and if it has grown enough, then see what you think.

    Love AC
  9. paige51

    paige51 New Member

    Thanhs everyone. Will decide when the time is up.

  10. forfink

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    I've been through this too. Had one taken off an ovary in my 20's, was fine for years, then in 40's it grew back, waited for a while, cyst kept growing so ovary was removed. Got a cyst on the remaining ovary, but it went away by itself. Just really depends on your body, hope it just disolves on it's own, but there's a good chance it could.