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  1. paige51

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    When an ovarian cyst ruptures, what will the contents look like? Will it contain blood or mucous,or will it be something totally different?

    With all my other troubles, I have somehow gotten a yeast infection. Treating this with miconazole7.

  2. findmind

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    I've had one for about two years. It seems to have settled in and just gives me a "twinge" of pain every once in a while, like a cramp. I had uterus out in 1979, left ovaries. One has shrunk up now, other shrinking, with a cyst on top.

    I don't think you will actually "see" anything if it bursts...my gyn said its filled with water most of the time.

    I hope you are taking probiotics regularly, they can sure help with the yeast problem.

    Good luck with feeling ok, even with these problems.
    Do you have CFS and/or FM?
  3. Tmprincess

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    I had one rupture back in high school & was the worse pain i had ever experienced!!!

    Findmind, is right though... you wont actually see anything.
    Nor, did i experience any discharge of any kind.

    Sorry your having to deal with this too! I know how it feels! I had the others removed via laser surgery. Totally painless and non invasive.

    ((Soft Hugs))
  4. Tigger57

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    I had a bunch of small ones on my ovaries and tubes. When they would rupture I would get a very water like discharge and it had a pink tinge to it. Oh, and it hurt like the son of a gun.

  5. paige51

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    I have FM. What are probiotics and can you get it without a prescription?

    MY cyst is filled with clear liquid , but my concern is that I have gone through menopause.

    Talk about timing.
  6. findmind

    findmind New Member

    Put probiotics in the search engine here, and will you learn a lot!!! LOL
    We are really a bunch, us sicko-s.

    They put lots of good bacteria into your intestines, which overcome the bad stuff like yeast, e.coli, etc., which I think we all get occasionally.

    Check out this ProHealth site: they have really really good products.
  7. cjr2003

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    Hi :>) I have had at least 2 cysts to burst over the years. I was told by my dr's that when it bursts, your body absorbs the contents, but not right away, it takes a little time. I had a cyst to burst about 6 weeks ago. Each time that I have had one to burst it caused a stabbing pain that made me double over and I broke out in a heavy sweat. It made me feel like I was going to pass out because the pain is so sharp. I have one cyst still on my left ovary and it causes me to bleed a very small amount about a week before my actual period begins. And it will bleed just here and there until my period starts. LOL Carla
  8. Rene

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    I have gone to the emergency room twice and the dr could see it on the scan (the fluid contents). I never seen any discharge or anything. My cycst grew to 18 cm and was just removed.
  9. paige51

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    Thanks everyone. You alway come through for me.

  10. Cromwell

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    Would burst into the abdominal cavity this is why they can cause peritonitis. They will not empty via the uterus.

    They can also twist.

    Hope this helps.

    Anne C
  11. mlp1954

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    I do not think you will see anything when it ruptures. I had one rupture about 10 years ago, and the pain made me feel like I was dying. It is severe and put me down on the floor and I was at work!!! I believe that the contents are enclosed in your abdomen and no way for them to leave the body. That is what I think caused a lot of the pain. I hope you dont have to suffer with this. Pattie
  12. TXFMmom

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    Ovarian cysts can be of all sorts.

    There are so-called chocolate cysts which are cysts formed due to endometrial cysts and the ovary bleeds into them, when ovulation occurs within the cyst area and the blood breaks down and forms a liquid which looks like chocolate.

    If those rupture, the area can and will react to the old blood but rarely will one see discharge.

    There are clear, small cysts, and clear large cysts.

    There are even cysts which can form on the ovary which will have hair and even teeth in them, on occasion.

    If cysts rupture, they are painful.

    I had pain in mine all the time for several years, until one partially ruptured and nothing showed up in the abdomen on ultrasound. However, when they were removed, it was obvious that the cyst had leaked.