?? Ovary's, Menopause, Pain Swelling Any HELP PLEASE?

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    I have terrible swelling and Pain to touch in my lower part of my pubic area. With bad pain in my right side ,it feels like an ovarian cyst.

    My doctor examined me and said no cyst is there. But I hurt really bad and I've had cyst before so its the same kind of pain.

    Does anyone know anything that will help ? Is there any home remedy ?I am going threw menopause but this seems really bad. I do have to go get a sonogram in two weeks. But I need help with the pain ,now.

    Is there any way that you can clean your ovary's like detox them ? I know this may sound nuts but I think I read somewhere that you can but I don't remember where I read it.
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    yes I have had cyst before for years .I had a hystrec. but my ovaries are still in tact. I do not understand why I have to keep them if there is pain every other month .

    I'm going threw menopause so I do not need them. The DR. said they will not remove them because its a surgery and that's to dangerous . I have complained for 25 years about them but recently they have even got more painful.

    I do not think my Dr's hear me when I complain about pain. I think they have written me off as a hypocondreact and I do not think military Dr's accept FM/CFS as a real D.
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    I would go to ER with SEVERE, unrelenting pain and make them do your sonogram NOW.

    I had a cyst inside my ovary years ago!
    I was absolutely excruciating, I fell down a flight of wooden stairs from the first pain.

    They operated immediately and took the cyst out of the ovary, sewed it back together, and it worked for 20 more years! Of course, you want yours removed, period, if they do go in there.

    Let us know what you do, how you are, ok? We Care...

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