Over acidity &its link to increased FM/CFS symptoms!

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    Over acidic body tissue causes havoc in the body.We get over acidic by eating too much processed,canned,packaged,fast food as well as too much meat,poultry,dairy and refined processed white sugars.In turn this causes the salivary enzyme pytalin(in the mouth) not to activate and break down foods properly,in turn placing more and more stress on the stomach,liver,pancreas and gall bladder(elevated pancreatic,liver enzymes(very bad),and a deficient production of hydrochloric acid).Over time this insufficient breakdown of food allows for larger particles to go into the small intestine(leaky gut syndrome),which can cause severe allergies,heart burn,indigestion,reflux,bloating to name only one of many problems.This in turn can leed to problems with the colon(IBS,colitis,constipation,etc.)This over acidity in the body leeds to an over alkaline condition in the colon.This causes intestinal toxemia,intestinal dysbiosis,and intestinal intoxification(candida,bacteria,parasites).Simply stated the colon reabsorbs poisons(meant to be eliminated by bowel movements)which get recirculated through the liver causing many problems.This acidic body condition causes a huge PH disruption in the blood,urine,colon,saliva and in the tissues.This in turn destroys imperative beneficial bacteria in the colon with has a plethera of functions which maintain life.Many today suggest that an over acidic condition causes and contributes greatly to FM/CFS and many other disorders.I have noticed when I eat more acid foods,my bowels move less and if I eat less fresh raw vegetable juices,fruits and whole grains I hurt so much more and I have more intestinal trouble.I am sold on this and feel proper diet allows for intestinal improvements,well being and health.Try it for yourself and if you are not sold,try eating more fresh raw vegetable,fruit juices,whole grains,drink more water and eat less garbage,processed,canned,boxed fast food and animal products.I think you will be convinced that maintaining a proper PH balance is one of the missing links to managing FM/CFS and can even over time leed to complete health.I know I am doing it and many others are doing it as well.

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    These juices and fresh greens helped my recovery years ago.
    Thanks for reminding me about the acidity of proteins and caffeine.

    It does make a difference!

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    What do you eat to get protein? I have hypoglycemia and need to have a certain amount of protein.

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    Small amounts of protein in the form of organic
    poultry,fish,turkey,eggs are acceptable in smaller amounts.Soy if tolerated and I drink raw goat milk from a friends farm which is delicious and more alkaline than cows milk.The grains quinoa,amaranth are good too.So yes we do need some protein.Granola,oatmeal is packed with protein as well as almonds.These are acidic but not nearly as much as those of animals.

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