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    We have all done it. We were feeling good and then did too much. Then back in bed. Just wondering what peoples strategies are for bouncing back. I certainly give into the desire to sleep and give my body its restorative time. But am wondering if there are other things to do to speed up the recovery process. I asume part of the problem is adrenal collapse but worry about overstimulating the adrenals with supplements. Am interested in any possible ideas.

    You are all heroes to me.


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    I'm still learning how not to push it. What I have found is that when I do, I know that 2 days later I'm going to hit the wall. (What ever that delayed thing is!!) I start taking it easy immediately. i.e. Feet up as soon as I get home from work, early to bed, etc.

    Usually I still need a day or two of bed rest, but that's better than a week.


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    I load up on vitamins, minerals, nadh, coq10 and amino acids, especially acetyl l carnitine and whey protein concentrate that's loaded with them. I take a good mineral supplement and a powerful electrolyte solution. I'm okay by the next day but I'm going slow, I haven't tried to crash myself yet.

    Mineral depletion and mitichondria fuel is what I concentrate on.

    Check this out about adrenal fatigue and what minerals you need:


    It's not too long.

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    I told you what supplements I took, but let me tell you what my exact strategy was that got me there. I know we all arrived at cfs differently, for me it was initially my liver not functioning well.

    Our body is an organic machine run by an organic computer, our brain. I could tell from the beginning I was missing something. That's what cfs feels like, you're missing something vital inside, you're hungry for something but you don't know what it is. So at first I kept trying different supplements and foods but nothing really helped, or they helped a little until the next crash and I was back where I started. I spent the first 3 1/2 years like this.

    Finally, this year, I came across Teitelbaum's and Cheney's complete cfs protocols. I had Titelbaum's in my computer for 6 months before I could read it fully and understand it. I went through it and decided which particular ailments I had (ie hormone imbalances, insomnia, etc.) and started trying stuff. I ordered his adrenal and thyroid formulas plus the daily energy enfusion. I improved somewhat. I had made the mistake of assuming that if I didn't understand something, it wasn't my problem. Like the mitochondria stuff.

    I was up and down for awhile, until I found Cheney's protocol. I went through his, writing down every supplement (I wasn't about to go back to any doctors to try some drugs) for every ailment he describes. He explains stuff in more detail than Teitelbaum, they have some of the same recommendations. I went back through Teitelbaum's protocol again. Then I started taking all the supplements at once for my particular problems. I had already tried most of them cautiously and I knew they wouldn't harm my liver or make me feel bad if I used a few at a at a time. I really looked up everything he said and determined what symptoms and, therefore, what ailments I had and started taking the supplements for all the ones I suspected. I was finally understanding what chemicals I was lacking in and why.

    One thing, I can't go more than about 2 hours without food. I think that means my liver can't store anything for very long. I had hep c so that's no surprise. The things that help me most are vitamins, minerals and aminos. So anyone who has started their cfs with a liver ailment can probably take what I'm taking and it'll work.

    But anyone can go through Teitelbaum's and Cheney's protocols and figure out for themselves what they can take. I had a few tests done, like hormone levels, which were normal, of course. But I still experimented with dhea and pregnenolone when I was having adrenal fatigue.

    In my case, it was a matter of figuring out what chemicals the machine was missing and then buying those chemicals in pill form or eating certain foods. I had to rely on pills, though, because at first, I couldn't hardly eat anything.

    Right now, I feel good, I feel "normal". I had forgotten what that felt like. Now my machine is starting to function normally again but since I was bedridden for so long, I'm like a coma patient waking up. I can't just get up and run around even though I feel like I can. So I'm doing a little more every day and hoping my liver can regenerate itself enough so I can do what I want all the time. This is getting too long, you'll need some energy left to read Cheney and Teitelbaum. Here they are:





    The 2 "l"s before the 3 are capital i's. The others are L's, lower case.

    These are really long and involved but they are "must read"s.

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    Thanks for all the info. I have tried some of these strategies in the past but it is an ever continuing process what to try next. As for the oxygen problem in the brain I have been using stablizied oxygen which works for me. In particular I have also been experimenting with a o2 liquid called Oxy Gen. It works but I wonder if it is too strong and closer to hydrogen peroxide therapy which can be a problem. The people at Oxy Gen tell me that it has been balanced so it is safe.

    Thank you and keep up the fight. All the best Paul

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