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    Thanks to all who responded to my question about being "fat" and that causing FM. One thing that feels so good on this site is that for the first time in years I finally feel like someone "GETS" what I am feeling and talking about. I'm glad to know that FM happenes to all weight groups yet of course sad that there really isn't a way to say LOSE WEIGHT and it'll go away. Anyway, I seemed to find some things common with we FM 'ers , - We mostly all crave carbs. We mostly feel worse after Exercise.(I know some don't but most of us don't feel better after exercise) We seem to be a bit of Perfectionists., Oh CRAP I lost my whole train of thought. I'm just fogged up right now. P.S. I find myself with tears running down my cheeks everytime I start reading everyones messages. Love & Health & HAPPINESS TO ALL OUR FRIENDS HERE. LOVE debness XXX
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    Sorry but I didn't catch your first post about this subject so hope that I am not stepping out of line. But aren't we blaming enough on fat and putting enough guilt on overweight people??

    Yes, we all would feel better if we were at our ideal weight and could exercise more and yada, yada, yada.... So What! If I had more hair on my head I would feel better too. I wouldn't have to raise my arms so much to try and make something with so little. In a perfect world none of this would even be a discussion.

    Don't let this be another thing to rob your dignity and self esteem. You are sick because you have a documented disease. Yes, it hurts to excercise but my sister can't excercise and she is a matchstick. It is the same for all of us.

    Let this one go, debness. Don't let anyone try to convince you that this is your fault.


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