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Discussion in 'multiplesclerosis' started by pauldoswell, Jul 27, 2010.

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    Try this web site for some inspiration. The people following this program are not just dealing with MS but overcoming it and living normal healthy lives.

  2. daylight

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    This is a good site but there is no cure for MS outside of a miracle as of yet. However this site does have a lot of healthy recipes and information about ms . It doesn't claim that all people who practice healthy eating and MS treatment will lead a normal healthy life. We can't be misleading people into possible false hope. Although I am a firm believer that we should do all that we can to combat this disease.

    Yes eat healthy low fat diets, yes eat lots of fruits ,veggies and take supplements . Take the MS meds if you can. Exercise and keep moving.

    As I understand most people with MS won't ever need a wheelchair or aids. I wish that I were one of those people but I have 4 autoimmune diseases (MS,RA,spondyolitis ,IBD) .Yes I'm one of the ''lucky" ones.
    As much as I want to encourage people to seek out ways to live more healthful lives I don't want to mislead anyone .
    I know that you meant well and I don't mean to sound critical.

    I just get a little touchy when people claim to know how to heal MS or RA for that matter.